Monday, December 22, 2008

Endings FAQ for Luminous Arc 2

With the release of my Endings FAQ for Luminous Arc 2, I hereby acknowledge that the FAQ is of my original creation, and that it was created by me, The mangatron with CNET username einsteinecker.

With that said, this post will be the main basket for all your feedback, suggestions, typo fixes, contributions, etc., in the form of your comments posted here on this post. Remember that anyone can post a comment here, no Blogger account required, but if you post a contribution remember to include whichever name or nick you want to be credited with (should I actually use your info).

And with that out of the way, the planned Version 1.2 update will be as follows:

-Add more evidence supporting my Ending designation theories.
-Various typo fixes
-Will add this blog post as a link in my FAQ to direct comments and feedback.
-Will have better integration with my Intermission and Choices Guide.

And a very special announcement, I have a planned release of something very Luminous Arc 2 related, hopefully it will be out later today Dec 22 between the hours of 6-12PM GMT +8 time. I'm sure players who beat the game will be amused with what I have in store for them.

Remember to add me to your RSS feed reader thingy in case you're not the type to mass refresh a page every 5 minutes. Also remember to add both this blog and my "animesuki's mangatron" blog as well. This blog isn't the only one to get updates in the near future mwuhahahaha...

The RSS subscriber link is at the left of this page below my "Link List".

Friday, December 05, 2008

This is a confirmation post...

... confirming my submission of the Intermission and Choices Guide for the Nintendo DS game, Luminous Arc 2. I hereby acknowledge and admit wholeheartedly that my guide submitted to GameFaqs is my work, sweat, tears and happiness, as a result of my dedication to the girls of anime, manga and games.

For the glory of the Witches of Luminous Arc 2!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Transformers Movie branded product!

As the battle for good and evil rages amongst the Transformers, so does the battle for superior Graphics cards as well, with ATi trying to gain ground after merging with the all powerful AMD, whilst Nvidia continues to rage against the machine building SLI after SLI. ATi's newest onslaught brings the best of both worlds, Megatron + ATi Graphics cards = pure monstrosity. Utilizing 256MB DDR graphics memory with speeds as high as 8x the AGP normality, you no longer require the power Megatron sought in the Michael Bay film, Transformers. Using the Catalyst Software suite you can be the catalyst that Megatron should've been in the Michael Bay film, Transformers. With the power of Megatron marketing and ATi products, you can render graphics beyond your wildest 4d imaginations. Why there may be the power to rival the strength of ILM, giving you the possibilities that can land you a job to work on Transformers 2, where you too may be criticized for weird mech designs.

Megatron and ATi. "No Prime, it's just me!"

And in case you don't know the post date, happy laughs ^__^

Now about the pic:

I actually made this early summer last year, 2007 when the Transformers movie hype had escalated to argumentative proportions. I wanted to set it apart from all the crap that has awashed forums that took part in Transformers discussion, so I decided to wait a whole year now just to release it. Sure, it's gotten old to the point where some people don't want to remember the movie, but hey. As long as you have a good laugh, that's the whole point of this day, which would make it better if you know the old jokes that have arisen from the box art of ATi graphics cards, to quote a former fellow beta tester, "Man, those ATi box covers would give my kids nightmares." Of course, old jokes like groups taking a dive, or big names doing/saying things they normally wouldn't. I figured why not have a different kind of joke for April Fools. Although, this pales in comparison to the awesomeness of the Mahou Kotonoha joke from the team behind the anime/game/manga School Days.

Hope you had a laugh, either small or LOL. :)