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More added information regarding Ayano's past

This is to continue the previous posts about Ayano from Luminous Arc 2 from my posts at GameFaqs.

I know my previous posts were just snippets of that vast collection of notes I gathered in my research, but well, I opened a door, so might as well see what's inside.

It's odd that there's no mention of an elemental wizard. Take Pip for example, not really an element major. Added to the fact that there is also no mention of Crests for wizards as well, so this leads me to believe wizards are probably users of a wide range of magic, not entirely stuck to one element, as opposed to the witches, pretty much using only one kind of element. there has been no mention or portrayal that I can remember in the game of a witch using a second type of magic. But then this whole thing is centered around those who have an aptitude to using magic are witches(female) and wizards(male), and as they eventually perform well with one element, that will ultimately decide their aptitude to that element. But so far I've only seen elements tied to the witches... Remember that the Crests must choose their witch, which according to the game specifically mentions "Witch". There, again, no mention of a Crest for Wizards. In fact, I don't recall any mention of a Lapistier for Wizzy's either...

Now I'm well aware that there were some Navilian survivors, and I even contemplated that perhaps that Rune Knight may have lived for a bit more, but all this is confused by Beginning Day, which states it ended Navilian civilization 4000 years ago, around the time of Elicia's sealing. Mostly where my Phoenix Inferno theory comes from, but let's see why there may have been Navilian survivors:

-The demon blade was created after Elicia's sealing, as it has strong ties to the Masters. Possibly created by Ayano.
-Sophia is probably the only documented direct descendant of an Navilian. She wasn't just magically created...
-The Navilians of course were the ones who made Carnava Palace, as there were, apparently survivors of Beginning Day who founded the whole country.
-The seals were also created by them, which obviously happened after Elicia's sealing, as well as the Conclusion gate, which was eventually sunk into the sea.
-They also left behind those clues, legends, and what not, the ones which Bharva eventually pieced together.
-While I'm not sure if Ayano had the Mother Lapis made, the fact is it's tied to the Magic Association, which she has a hand in. On the other hand, the Nav's were the source behind the Queen's chair... >_>

Here's where the fun begins. Let's start with Beginning Day. It apparently ended Nav civilization, yet some survived. Now we know Carnava isn't the only place on the planet with life, there are obviously other countries as well (Moose), but then again these countries most likely popped up after Beg. Day. Now we know there's a planet, but no mention of whether or not the Nav's occupied the entire planet. We do know that the planet is pretty much mostly rich in magic, since the Granseal draws its power from it. And yet, what is this Beg. Day and why end all(some) Nav life as we know it?

Who remember's the Althea ending? Remember the words? If I remember correctly, it's something along the lines of "We are born of the flames, and to the flames we return." This is, in my belief, the Phoenix Theory, how life starts/ends. Obviously the Nav's got flamed up as a start, but why end them with the flames? That's where my Phoenix Inferno being cast 4000 years ago comes from, as it was stated that although Life magic was rumored to have ended them, I believe it was because of Elicia performing the Life Magic where the rumor comes from, but not exactly the cause of Nav demise.

Confirmation of my GameFaqs post regarding Master Mattias

This is a backup of the post I did at GameFaqs' board for Luminous Arc 2.

Ah that B-witched article, I remember talking about those with some of the early players. Sparked quite a few Kaph followers XD

In response to Nargrakhan's contributions:

Don't take these the wrong way, I'm not trying to disprove you but rather clarify some things you might not know about.

From what I remember there weren't really apprentices to possibly all of the witches. This is due to the Crest choosing its witch, which I really don't see them training their replacements immediately after that lol. We'll also note that Sadie has been alove for a long time, and who knows how long the Wind Crest stuck to her. As for the Verdure witch, as I stated earlier she really wouldn't have trained an apprentice had she had the position just recently. We'll also note that Pop most likely was born around, or after the Granend Event 15 years earlier, and she of course worked hard enough for the Nature Crest thingy to accept her.

I honestly believe the Flame and Shadow Frost witch positions were filled in yet either, as it hasn't been explained what caused the SF's demise, had there been one. We also know that Stevey and Gaston were good friends with Mattias, so no words from them about Roland's mother just gets thrown in the large pile of stories with "heroes with no mothers". As for the Flame witch position, I really don't think that has been filled for a while prior to Granend Event, or maybe not ever at all. We'll note Althea has been training since Ayano found her (Squirrel Barbecue event), and the fact that the other students weren't really fond of Althea, kind of make me think that Fire position wasn't going to be filled anytime soon, further slowed by Fatima pilfering the Crest.

I also don't believe that Sadie has done an Unity before. As we heard from Josie, there's hasn't been two Masters present at the same time. For Sadie to unite with Mattias and then Roland would kind of really destroy the purpose of swearing ones loyalty, especially something as sacred as Uniting. Add to the fact that Sadie is kind of anti-social, we also take into account that Roland's initiation was the only one where she was present, as it was only till after the Granend Event that she held onto the second piece of Mother Lapis. Thinking about it, Sadie only deemed Roland worthy of the trial after battling, and losing to him. Perhaps Sadie battled with Mattias 15 years earlier to see if he's worthy of a kiss, and maybe he lost.

Maybe I should note that, if I remember it correctly, Mattias had just become a master about a year before Granend Event. But, it wasn't long after that he had his "mental fits" where he found out about the Demon Blade. Remember what happened? He shut himself out many times from the outside world, and according to the previous Brilliant witch, who tried to help him only to be brushed off. This leads me to believe Mattias wasn't friendly with anybody, much less having bonded with anyone.

But I'm not done lol. Recall Mattias's above situation. He wasn't really Master long, where he ends up training Fatima. This also leads me to believe that there has not been a Shadow Frost witch in a while, much less one present at the time, due to Mattias specifically training Fatima for the sole purpose of using Frozen Void, which we all know would eventually kill Fatima. So it really would not have been possible for an existing SF witch to be present, if Mattias' plan was "Train Fatima, have SF Crest recognize her, bond with her and eventually use her to destroy the world behind the gate", which of course, was his plan from the start.

Don't forget one of Mattias' last words: *to Roland* "You have something I didn't(could never) have: Friends" (clarification needed) which further leads us to believe there was no bonding with him.

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Confirmation of my Ayano story FAQ at gamefaqs part1

This is to confirm my post at the Gamefaqs boards for Luminous Arc 2 concerning Witch titles, in case someone sees fit to rip me.

Hmm, it has been more than half a year since I wrote that brain fried post, so not even I remember where I pulled the Sadie reference from >__<;

I do suggest you read the following, it's excerpts from my undisclosed guide, which is a great read for LA2 players who were befuddled by the story (or lack of storytelling)

To address some of your questions/comments, Althea more so a witch than Ayano simply for the fact that in that modern world, there has to be 6 element witches, with that Fire spot quite vacant. Of course, after all those years there hasn't been a successor of the one that died 15 years ago, and you can bet when Althea unlocked her latent potential that the fire crest, at that moment being held by a girl most coldest in the world, scurried over to the nearest burning superior intellect nearby.

About Ayano, she is in fact a witch, just not in the class of human witches. The human witches are those born after the 4000 yr ago event, with the 6 elementals thing most likely created by Ayano to help police the world. Let's remember this through some in-game facts:

-Navilians have a high knowledge of magic, making them all pretty much magic users, because,
--Their language is great for spellcasting.
-But their language died out 4000 years ago when,
--The "Beginning Day" event happens. All life dies out when, guess what? I believe someone cast Phoenix Inferno!(or a navilian version of it) While it doesn't exactly say Phoenix Inferno(it's Phoenix Theory) is the cause, the facts are:
--Phoenix Inferno destroys all in it's wake (its a world destroyer class magic), probably thanks to a girl and her lover,
---The last Rune Knight, who was around over 4000 years ago! I kinda remember that the Phoenix Inferno can only be cast when the witch and her master are one and in tune, but wait! The title of Master only appeared after the Beginning Day event, so in that time it was most likely not a Master but rather the Rune Knight.
-With (most likely) Phoenix Inferno wiping out all the Navilians, Ayano makes it her mission that the language dies along with them, and to create a new order of magic users to ensure magic does not destroy again. The 6 elemental witches are titles second only to the Mage Queen, one element controlled by one person each, most likely again a method conceived by Ayano to ensure one witch does not control all elements.
-Don't forget, Ayano is the Director of the Magic Association.
-The Rev Magic Academy has been around for over 4000 years.
-Ayano owns the Rev academy because the building is hers (most likely all the other Magic Heritage sites as well).
--She owns those places since 1, she has a ton of money, and 2, being the last Navilian on the planet pretty much gave her everything lol...
-In short, Ayano is a witch, but that of before the Beginning Day event. In their time she is just a plain magic researcher who helped spearhead Elicia's work.

continue below decks.

Confirmation of my Ayano story FAQ at gamefaqs part2

This is to confirm my post at Gamefaqs Luminous Arc 2 board concerning Witch titles.

Fun facts: (a bit of theories, but they make sense if you add up all the horribly scattered pieces throughout the game)

-Did you figure it out yet? I'm not sure, but I believe Ayano was the one who cast the Phoenix Inferno that caused Beginning Day. It makes sense when she is the only survivor, and Rune Knight guy, most likely her lover, dies out early since he wasn't cursed by Elicia, and Ayano, later on, pretty much is sick of immortality, if I remember her words correctly she made note of how "she doesn't have any friends because they [would]/did die eventually, leaving her alone again". Would make sense that she doesn't want any more friends if her lover, Mr Rune Knight, died, breaking her heart.
-How did that guy die anyways? Well, Phoenix Inferno destroys all, ja? Remember how when Althea cast it, Roland pretty much had no way to survive, had it not been for Ayano's charm? Ayano most likely created the charm to avoid a repeat of her inability to protect her lover(she probably learned a thing or two from her own immortality curse). Anyways, how did that guy die? Well, say when Ayano cast Phoenix Inferno, she knew not even herself would survive, but when she cast it, Elicia in all her power cursed Ayano with longevity, which pretty much canceled out Phoenix Inferno, making her the sole survivor!
-But wait! Wasn't PI supposed to kill all? Well, not Elicia, remember she has 2 forms. Ayano most likely cast it on the humanized Elicia, pretty much weakening her, enabling Ayano to finally seal Ahrtania along with her. Remember how the game ends? Roland and co weaken the humanized Elicia, then kill off her Queen form with PI.
-Althea most likely knew this due to her being pretty much a duplicate of Elicia.
-Ayano probably had the Mother Lapis created with the heart and soul of her lover, Mr Rune Knight. Remember that the Master position was created with the intent of leading the magic association, and that Mother Lapis would choose said master wisely, one who fits the bill. But why even bother?
-"Nothing lasts forever." Words from Ayano's very own cute mouth. She most likely knew that the Great Seals weren't going to last forever, so she created the Master position so that said Master dude would eventually find his lover witch, make out with her, become one etc so that when Elicia woke up again, there would be a Phoenix Inferno waiting for her all over again. LOL!

I better stop lol. It's 4 AM and I can keep going on and on, except.... these were all taken from my unreleased guide, the absolute answer to all the unexplained story elements of Luminous Arc 2. From these posts, you can pretty much see that this game is probably a whole lot deeper than they meant to show. What, maybe not enough budget or not enough space, whatever the case I feel strongly about my above speculation, which, at this moment is not confirmed but gee whiz, you gotta admit. 230+ hours into this game, I spent a great deal of that ripping the story apart enough to conclude those above findings. time will tell if I'm correct or not...

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