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Backup of a wall of text

Just that usual backup of text I do from time to time.

About Soga Keena.

[b]Episode 01:[/b]
--She is chilling in the forest when Sai bumps into her and she greets him with a school-play like atmosphere. Keena proceeds to bring in the line where she will protect Sai. Now Junko arrives at the scene where we get our first taste at what Keena would do if Sai was in trouble: she'd apparently risk her life for him.
How important it all sounds, how her being there is to watch and protect the school and the world(connect to ep 08). So after all that "airheadedness" of the lines of poetry or what not, why did she bring about a dead-serious tone when she said he's important to her? Here's the best part: [b]the dove's mysterious glistening sound is heard as she says this.[/b]
--After the blast eliminates Junko, Keena proceeds with her lines of poetry of confessions. Why is this important?
[u]speculation[/u]: connect it with eps 03 and 07.

[b]Episode 02:[/b]
--The episode starts with a scene several years ago to a younger Sai handing a dove ornament accessory to a girl, we later see it's something similar to what Keena wears.
[u]speculation[/u]: We have no idea who this girl is. :uhoh:
--Near the start of the episode she casually floating around as Korone explains the meaning of her presence. At the mere mention of the headmaster, Keena is shocked in a scared kind of way and proceeds to escape in the best way she usually does: run away invisible.
Scared of the headmaster? Why should she be? If it's because of low class attendance then what's to stop him, Lily, and Fujiko from kicking her out? What's to stop Torii-sensei from turning Keena into an undead? Torii apparently lets it slide, the head master seems dead, Lily isn't doing anything to students who seem to be breaking the school laws, and Fujiko, merely as the head of the female dorm, has better things to worry about. My take: they're keeping her around for more than just good grades. Government guarantees a job for all students? We've yet to see what Keena's title is.
--Later in the episode Keena is seen walking around the forest naked. Apparently around the place where Sai was to meet Fujiko.
This one is heavy, as there are several implications to this. First, she might have lured out the demon dog towards Sai so he can take care of it. Or, she might have brought it down to take care of Sai and drive him out of the forest. Maybe she has a high attraction to monsters (possibly connect with ep 07, connect with ep 08) Or, she simply wanted to have a cause to be friends with him. Whatever the case, she was apparently here before Sai is set to meet with Fujiko. Connect with episode 03. One thing we do know: her mana appears to be undetectable, either as invisible or as a whole.

[b]Episode 03:[/b]
--Apparently our first look at Keena this episode has her visiting Sai before he sets out on the plan set by Fujiko to meet with Junko. She proceeds to leave just before the planned meeting time.
We later see the purpose of her visit: she removes the hearty pills from Sai's double barreled pistol. Say what? How in the world did she know? Apparently she was watching Sai's meeting with Fujiko in the previous episode, which adds further fuel to the fire of what she was doing in the forest in the first place (a forest with monster sightings, I might add). She is then hiding the fact that she knows someone is out to control the Maou (connect with episode 04).
--She dispels the crowd that attacks Sai later towards the end of the episode.
Saving Sai when he is in trouble? Check. Doing so without killing or even harming anyone? Check. Making those students happy? Check. The world around Sai proceeds to be a happy place. Make of it what you will.

[b]Episode 04:[/b]
--We learn Keena is good with studying, bad with magic. Having no friends, she's apparently putting up with these facts despite wanting to protect the world.
This episode is probably where the speculation starts on whether or not she might be a bad guy. Being good with studies and not at magic? Sounds like someone entered the wrong school. So the way I see it, it might be similar to Sai: worked hard, good grades, enroll at magic school, Yatagarasu gives out a title and school life begins. Except, we don't know who processed Keena's enrollment and we have no idea what the Yatagarasu labeled Keena as.
--She lurks and stalks Sai as he heads out to the meditation shack.
Worried about his health or wanting to save him in case he loses his mind, or *gasp* she was out for the map from the get-go? Whatever it is, she yet again is there when something significant enters Sai's life. So why do I think she was out for the map? Well, first of all, she properly identified it as a map of the school, which we later find out the Student Council identifies it as locations of the school [i]100 years ago[/i]. At a first glance, there's no way anyone would have known it was a map of the school when its a location that predates the school by 100 years, well before the school was even built on there. She seems to have full knowledge of the school's origins in order to come up with that conclusion. Secondly, we can probably tie her knowledge of the map to her dove, possibly connect this with the OP, and episode 05.
--She commits a felony of breaking and entering of Fujiko's secret black magic room to steal the map, a map she proceeds to plaster all over the school.
First of all, how did she know Fujiko has the map? That is, she might have raided Sai's room before concluding the person she bumps into leaving the meditation chamber has it. Next, how did she even know how to access Fujiko's secret room? We know Fujiko simply snaps her fingers to open the doorway, but could it also respond to her black magical ways? Whatever it is, Keena entered the room, and she took the map, and she glue it all over the school. Graffiti? Public defacement of property? They sure put up with her.
--When Eiko introduces herself to Fujiko and the viewers, we see she knows a fact Keena knows as well: someone's out to control the Maou.
We can judge from Keena's episode 03 antics that she was out to stop Sai from falling under the control of another. Protecting him or carrying out a mission? Whatever it is, we later see Eiko knows this as well, so the big question remains: how did Eiko know? She first showed up at Fujiko's yuri lovemaking, if anyone else see's that at first arrival they'd think Fujiko is just some silly perverted girl. But what do we hear? Eiko sees Fujiko has failed at her plan to dominate the Maou. There's only two ways Eiko knows of this: either Keena told her *gasp* or Eiko's been lurking behind the scenes, which wouldn't make sense because you'd need first hand visual confirmation in order to come to that conclusion, a conclusion Eiko arrives at as her first order of business.

[b]Episode 05:[/b]
--Keena's absence is questionable as we see she's sleeping through this whole map ordeal. Why in the world would she do that?
This is probably the first time she pulls her shifty eyes to dodge a topic: she appears to not know the other girl who is with Sai, and later identifies her. There's two ways to tuesday: either she knows who Eiko is and what she's after, or she's trying to avoid a confrontation between the Teruya and Hattori families. Once Junko runs off Keena has the bright idea of dragging Fujiko into the mess, Fujiko, who seems content with watching things on tv. Again with the breaking and entering, but more importantly we find out bringing Fujiko to Sai did more than just give her ringside seats.
--The dove, the dove the dove. Dove soap is good for your skin.
Well well well, here we are at the cause of this whole series so far: the dove hair ornament accessory. We see it activates Peterhausen's DivX playback capabilities that reveals all there is behind the Etou brother mystery. The fun part that everyone seems to have missed: not the dove, or the intro that spoiled the dove's video playback ability, but rather, Keena apparently knows full well what Fujiko's been going through: the pains of dealing with the mystery behind her brother. Either Keena knew ahead of time what happened to the Etou brother, or eps 1-5 was all a setup to clear up the mystery behind Etou brother's death. She knows something...

[b]Episode 06:[/b]
--Probably the scene of choice this episode is not her discovery of the sea cucumber, but rather her alcoholic rice :heh: Ok, seriously, it's that alcoholic scene that is important, not the alcohol itself.
First of all, she is able to find Sai, despite the mana jamming in the area (Korone is unaffected remember?). Lucky guess or more than just coincidence? Make of it what you will, but she proceeds to warn Sai about Simon8 and nothing else. Nothing else she needed to share, anyways, because we later learn that had he knew of Korone's seduction plans, it wouldn't have worked on him, thereby he easily avoids a plot that he needed to avoid on his own (he did well on that too). Keeping that from him or too drunk to drive? Find your fate mystery.

[b]Episode 07:[/b]
--Keena as a monster magnet or she just plain didn't know?
It should be noted that a monster appears(X or the cucumber, you decide:heh: ) as Keena is present again, maybe just my small implication of her being around when monsters strike(connect with episode 08). But you might have missed the important part of my implication: she is apparently more affected by Mister X's Noizetanker than Hiroshi is, either she's got high enough mana to be affected from such a distance or she is just plain scared. Remember, Hiroshi is not so powerful so he probably wasn't affected by the Noize at that distance, compared to Keena (who felt it as a pain, while Hiroshi simply heard it as someone's voice) Yet another mystery? You decide.
--Here I'll connect episode 01's last lines of Keena's play-acting(she lines out what happens when Sai kills another) with this scene in episode 07.
Recall when Sai is about to fight Mister X, Keena in all her dead-serious tone of voice tells Sai he must not kill him. Protecting him or knowing full well what happens should Sai go berserk? She is definitely not an airhead so far in case you're keeping count.

[b]Episode 08:[/b]
--Blond guy, who apparently is a bad guy if we pin Etou's murder on him, has a pendant of what looks to be a girl with a dove pin in her hair.
Everyone might be pinning speculation on the dove, but we know it's not important now because Sai simply bought that at some bazaar or flea market or something. Whether or not the dove's mysteries of being Keena's source of mystery, I believe the implication is there already: Soga Keena. What's so special about her? Well, think of it this way: I believe she may be the angel of this world, or the goddess, so to say. There's a Maou, and there's a God, what's not to say there's a goddess inbetween these two? It would be even more apparent if we consider the blond guy as the God of this society, if we add up his knowledge of the mana's conditioning, as well as knowing the future as well as, we can see, being up on a high place. Remember Soga Keena's earlier implications of her imprtant person, if Sai considers her a fated partner, and this whole thing about watching over Sai since ep 01? She's the special one here, not the dove or her connections to whoever
it is she works for or what not. So just how holy can she be? No knowledge of her past? Check. In a church at such a young age? Check. A cross on her uniform? Check. Undetectable mana abilities? Check. Capable of flying? Check. Special sound [of her voice]? Check. Grand plan to save the world? Check. The way I see it, she's much more special to this whole war between the Maou and whoever is at the other end of the spectrum, in which the blond guy seems to be the other end if his upcoming final confrontation with Sai is any indication. What the dove plays into this remains to be seen, but it can be the catalyst of her power(s).
--Keena approaches Sai as her first objective being the thing about birthdays. When asked about if she is the girl of Sai's past, she's clearly not listening to it.
Only a future episode can clear up the mystery surrounding her birthday, and why Sai didn't need to know at that time.
--Keena steals yet another item from Fujiko, this time, it's something much more deadlier than a map, a monster egg.
My earlier implication of Keena being a monster magnet shows up again here. The mystery starts with how in the world did Keena even know Fujiko had the egg, when Fujiko clearly hid it from Peter and apparently she told no one but Etou oniichan. The mystery continues: this marks the second time Keena has taken something from Fujiko's black magic room, which we can now safely say all this in Etou brothers view. Why did he not say anything? He seems to have seen two things taken from Fujiko, which both were taken while Keena was invisible. Call Etou brother stupified at floating objects, but it happened twice, and he saw it happen.
--Keena a monster magnet part 2
When the double headed Gallus Domesticus hatches, who his first target? Why, Keena of course. Why attack her? Well, if my earlier implication is correct, Keena, possibly being a holy angelic being, is clearly a target of the baddies. We see it clearly went after again and again, only being sidetracked by the erotically tasty Fujiko, and *drumroll* it leaves when Sai attacks it. But wait! Look at it at another angle! What Sai may have unknowingly done was juice the chicken, of course making it bigger, but more importantly it may look like a command of the Maou to go somewhere else and wreck havoc. All those earlier scenes of Sai activating the egg, the monsters being restless due to Sai, it'll make sense with this.

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The making of the mangatron's 4koma manga

So, I thought I'd share with everyone just how I go about drawing my 4koma manga on my device, a business HP iPAQ hx2415 w/ 64MB RAM and 64MB storage, screen resolution of 240x320, resistive touch screen and dual memory card slots (Compact Flash and SD card), stock ROM was Windows Mobile 2003se.

The software used is Pocket Artist 3.3 for Windows Mobile 2003 or later. This is, essentially, photoshop in the palm of your hand. You have layers, brush tools, pencil tools, each with variable brush sizes. Standard tools include an erase tool, lasso, marquee tools, hand tool and temporary hand tool, as well as the move tool and more. It also includes filters, as well as a grid and ruler tools, transparency and so on, with a very useful guide tool. It is, the very definition of Photoshop in the palm of your hand.

Of course, the amount of layers you can work with and the size of your canvas determine how well the document can operate, with more device RAM you can work with larger images, supposing you have the megahertz to keep up with such large +1000 pixel images. There is of course, the resolution, as you can see in the above and below pictures, my art is hampered by my device resolution, which is a measly 240x320. That is to say, it is about 1/3 of today's largest windows mobile phone, the HTC HD2.

As you can see, even when I work in full screen, I still run out of room when drawing Keena, which I must say I had a real blast drawing her because of that hair of hers. But that blast meant it was difficult working on her hair, as you can see below Fujiko doesn't suffer from that due to her having long, flowing hair.

Of course, you're probably wondering how I finish up the rest of their body, which I simply zoom out and sketch draw, return to normal zoom and touch up.

You're now wondering why I don't upgrade to a better device with higher res screen and more RAM. Well as you may have known, they no longer make standalone PDA's, as well call them, devices without a phone radio. Nowadays smartphones are the next best thing, apparently, and it hurts, because a powerhouse like the HD2 is unusable to me because it uses a capacitive screen, thereby ruining everything I needed a resistive screen for drawing on (resistive screen are more accurate, providing you use a stylus). So until I find Toshiba's TG01 (which is to say, a resistive HD2 with 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM and a 4.1 inch screen.

So why not use a tablet PC? Well, they are much heavier, their battery life isn't so high, and with a larger screen there is no palm rest. Also, with photoshop using as high a CPU cycle as it does, it'll drain battery life faster and make the unit hotter. Perhaps today's technology can handle it better, but currently I cannot afford to replace my laptop right now until I finish my work as I'm a traveler, so carrying two laptops doesn't sit too well with me or the TSA lol.

So there you have it, a peek into how the mangatron turns technology into a manga. If I ever do upgrade my device, I just may be able to go public and release my manga project entirely done on Windows Mobile. I would probably then be known as the Pocket PC manga-ka >_>

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May 08 part 1

As a part of my sub-routines, I will be posting some things that may
not make sense to you, so think of it as me making up for the lost

Here it is

May 08, my special day. What's so special about it? That remains my
personal secret.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Teruya Eiko in Iron Man 2

So I'm sitting at my computer table, going through the recent
animesuki forum posts for Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou on my phone, and
I'm thinking about Teruya Eiko again (do I ever stop thinking about
her? ;), and I was wondering where in the world did I see it before,
in live action to boot.

And so I went through all the trailers I have for movies this year,
and fired up the Iron Man 2 Trailer #2 and there it is, Scarlett
Johansson does something similar to a Teruya Eiko Leg Wrap. From the
scene it doesn't look like she completely wrapped him, but... the
guy's reaction say's "It @#@$*#!kin hurts!".

The trailer can be seen at , listed
under "I", "Trailer 2". Personally I find that the best place for
trailers in a no-nonsense website.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I once was cold, but now I am hot...

So, after two days of testing, I am fully healed. Thanks to an
imported medicinal from Indonesia, I, being the mad scientist that I
am, decided to test it out on myself, ready to bear any consequences
experienced thereafter.

I always believe that real scientists believe in their theories enough
to test their findings on themselves. Of course I planned ahead of
time of what I had in my possession and where its most effectiveness
will be felt. And thanks to my dare, that Nezu Haruhiko Nuclear Snot
is no more. This 2 day sickness, 3 day test proves to be my shortest
cold yet.

And now, I am so tired...

Monday, May 03, 2010

I have a cold...

So, after enjoying almost a year of rehabilitating a 3 year sickness,
I had to come down with a cold now of all times.

How it happen was kinda lame. After spending last week theoretically
speculating and going berserk in my Teruya Eiko love campaign, I was
so slagged, I accidentally fell asleep... when the A/C was still on.
There I was, in my everyday clothes, not a blanket or a shirt to cover

No wonder why in anime friends/family always cover a sleeping person.
Not that I didn't know that already, but I was truly slagged to the
point half my body was on the bed, the other half on the floor >_>