Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of Treo750 ROM development

Well, it's here. The beginning of the end. Due to personal reasons, I've decided to end Palm Treo 750 development, for many reasons actually. It's not a lucrative investment of my time, and with my Treo operating at half it's production capacity (Send button dead, keyboard over-stressed, battery now half its mAh), I can no longer flash and flash like I used to. Not to worry though, I made some promises and I'm going to deliver. Hermann 2.1 is now stable, and perhaps the fastest 6.5 ROM you will ever experience on your Treo.

I hope everyone understands, as at first I started out a complete newbie, and I'm going out with a bang, as one of the few Treo 750 experts left out there who knows everything there is to the phone, both hardware and software. I've made some discoveries others have wringed their hair over, I've done a lot for the Treo that some have tried and failed, but more importantly, I didn't leave unexpectedly :p

Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is töt.

Finally. May just started and it's already looking good.

Like, I don't even remember how many whiner babies over the years kept
saying he'll never be found, or killed, but finally we don't have to
see anymore tapes of this guy.

Unless he's been youtubing all this time. At least now the world is
rid of this guy. And despite all the claims of "it isn't over yet" or
"another will rise", I say screw all that. At least Bin Laden is dead.
And his numerous wives can split his leftover wealth. Fun for the
whole family!

Now if only we could see a body... I recall even Zarqawi had a death-shot.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I donated to the Japan relief, and I think you should too.

At some point in your life, you'll come across a chance to actually do something meaningful. As a person who likes to remember the words "what man is a man who cannot change the world?", I think situations such as donating to the Red Cross for the recent Japan earthquake quite meaningful indeed. But this isn't just me telling you that you should donate too, this is also because I too have experienced a natural disaster (2009 Typhoon flooding of Manila,PH). I know what that feeling of dispair is like, the feeling of being surrounded by water, knowing that your food supplies aren't going to last (partly because of my foreigner self, of not knowing a thing about this country and quite literally not warned at all of the weather forecast) with literally no chance of resupply except braving the toxic water. That water didn't go down for more than 2 weeks, granted water never entered my establishment keeping my life safe, but I'm sure my poor state of health cheated death many times.

Not saying that you'd have to experience a natural disaster in order to know what it's like, recall that I have spent some time in LA, California and have experienced earthquakes past 6 on the scale, but it compelled me for a bit to at least help someone who wasn't as fortunate as I to cheat death. Maybe I won't exactly see my contribution directly affect someone's life, but you know, I can assure you, no matter what the amount, and no matter if it made a difference or not,

It is the thought that counts. And I truly believe the people of Japan will be happy that someone like me, despite the poor health and broken bones, thought of donating, when he could have used it himself. I may have less internet time because of it, and even now I am experiencing food poisoning because of yet another bad meal in this country, and even if I die tomorrow, I'm happy knowing that someone else could be happy too because of acts such as donations. And, as you can see on my Palm Treo750 ROM post over at XDA-developers, I edited the post 5 days ago to point donations instead to Japan. Not sure if other ROM chefs have done so too, but it's a good start.

Sorry for not giving links on where to donate (my donation was offline), I assume you would know where, as I'm not sure how it goes for the country you are in, as I suspect it is different for others, whether it be an online donation or a physical one at an authorized center, so I trust you remember that it's the thought that counts, and to go about it the way that is natural to you (I did see some links on tokyotosho). I guess for starters, you can read this article on Yahoo. By the way, it's another bleeding wall of text for what I originally just wanted to say "donate too!". Sorry lol.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bad internet connection quality is unhappy internet

I hate poor service. Heck, anyone would hate poor service, especially
when it's paid for. And my current wireless carrier of choice in this
country, Globe Telecom, just about pisses me off too much now in the
last 2 months.

You're probably wondering why I'm even sticking with them despite the
shoddy service. I may not be from this country, but I've observed
enough that slow speeds = hell of a time. I've experienced Dial-up
(har har), DSl, and finally 3G internet. I can tell you now, Dial-up
is hella slow, DSL looks as if Dial-up has 2 legs instead of 1, and 3G
internet here gives just about a decent price for the speed (1Mbps).
But dude, isn't there other carriers? Why Globe? Well, there's lots of
factors involved, such as not from this country = prepaid, and then
there's signal quality, and then finally speeds. When it comes top
speeds, Globe gave 1Mbps connections, and since I have full bars on
the signal strength with a 3G modem, no brainer on my choice, right?
The problem starts with how the service is handled. Sure it may be
fast, but the first obstacle is the ridiculous 800MB data cap per day.
800MB? With todays anime out there, that's just about 2 720p's, about
5 480p's, but what the hell when browsing todays websites and their
over 1MB content, I swear would push that, not to mention
sankakucomplex, which is just about driven by images. That's also a
part of the reason why I rarely post on my blog via the editor, most
of my posts are emailed to it. But the part I'm very unhappy with, it
sets me back on my anime viewing, and while it may look like the data
cap is what's pissing me off, it's actually the quality of the line.
For about 2 months now they've been doing something to their network,
fixing it or breaking it I have no bleeding idea what, and that's what
pisses me off. They don't tell you jack, they regularly spam you with
spam text, but they never not bloody once have they notified you that
they are performing maintenance on their service or whatever. It
pisses me off that the connection is sometimes reliable, but mostly
shoddy. I even had an ROM upload for the Palm Treo750 cut off because
the terms of the bandwidth cap changes as much as the climate does,
and there was one moment when they didn't count my uploads, and yet
they counted the one for the Treo.

Why not use another wireless carrier? The other choice, Smart
Communications, get's full signal strength, but it's slow. Enough to
make DSL look like a joke, but since I can't sign up for DSL (not from
this country, what I sampled earlier in this post was at the hotel),
Smart sounds like a good idea when it comes to no data cap, right?
Well, the trick to Globe is, the 800 cap is only for a day, meaning
once midnight hits, it resets. But there's the double-edge sword, see.
Globe is fast, has a cap, but at the moment stinkin service. Smart is
slow, no data cap, but hell if I know it you need to be lucky your
downloads even finish, because at this moment, both carriers are going
to cut you off whenever they want, and I've had that happen many
times, and it's worse when it's a large file, and either on Globe, you
pretty much reached your cap, or on Smart, you need tp spend half a
day again. So why I chose Globe, is because if it's just a 10MB
download, I'd rather it take 1 minute lowering the chance of cutting
off, than Smart and their 15 minute download with a high chance of cut

By the way, even DSL is a rip. Somewhere north of almost $30 a month
for an unreliable not-really-1Mbps speed. I got better than that in
the USA for $20, but still out of reach because you practically need
to be a citizen here. I should note Torrent is absolutely crippled on
3G internet services, and nothing but bad stories on DSL.

In the end, I'm biding my time, waiting for the perfect time to strike

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yet another absence, again due to health

In the final week of February, I was able to write about my life because I got sick of all the smokers I encountered on my last night out at the mall, and I lie in bed typing away on my Touch Pro. SERIOUSLY SMOKERS, CUT IT OUT. I've been there before, all right, nearly crushed by depression, having desired for a smoke, but I fought that depression, I overcame the desire, and that year I proceeded to actually do something in my life (JP-Eng fansub translating), and I've hated the smoke since then. It's no wonder why I'm irate, despite my hankerchief covering my mouth, there just had to be smoker after smoker killing themselves and everyone else around them, just STOP IT okay? You opened up old wounds. I stopped, and so can you. At least don't do it in such crowded public places like the mall entrance. Where the hell was I supposed to wait? It's a hired ride, and it's a drop zone. PUT IT OUT. It's RUDE to smoke in public places, especially places that have hundreds of people passing by every hour. Have some decency and learn some courtesy that hell, if others around you aren't doing it, then we sure as hell don't want to be breathing what you're spweing out. End rant.

Fellow fansubbers had always told me to watch my health. I do, and I thank all of them for reminding a stubborn growing-too-old-too-fast dude like me. But if it is inflicted on me by a third party, then I have to suffer for it. And it takes up valuable time such as the last half of February, especially when I had just come off the January incident.

And now I'm seeing reality again. No cute girl to nurse me back to health as I helplessly lay there on my bed, no badly cooked porridge to get me riled up, no naked aprons no female childhood friend crawling through the window no girl falling from the sky, nothing, just... the truth about reality. I've read lots of Manga, I've watched lots of Anime, and for once in my life, I envied the lead males of those stories all because one day, they were a normal, average male, and the next day he's Mr Popular. Anime and Manga and Eroge/galge/ren ai games have all let me down, as I ponder yet again: .....will I ever meet a tsundere? XD
Wait, of all the questions I had to ask myself, did I really have to ask that? I-it's not like I like tsundere's or anything. D-don't get the wrong idea!
I know I'm a guy with a zany personality and an odd aura about that just seems to draw curiosity from girls, but I'm gonna follow Steven Seagal here: "It's not a job. It's an adventure."

Fun adventure I'm on now. Now I'm going on a furious anti-smoking campaign, and Blogger had to bloody jam up their widgets. Here's something I had a laugh at that I saw recently, and this is for you smokers out there:

"To learn more about lung cancer, keep smoking"

A night on the town, Manila, PH. Laptop repairing, girls and more.

Still working on my panoramic skills 

Quite a ridiculous, somewhat sordid and amusing tale happened to me in the early weeks of February, which I ironically am able to finally type all because I am not feeling well (again). It starts off with my laptop's AC adapter dying out of the blue, causing me to have a giant question mark over my head as to why I was running on battery mode. Lucky for me the adapter has a light that goes on when it is working, and that light was dead. So I went to the mall a few times wondering if a place like Radioshack exists, and I came across a place called SST Laptop, supposedly, the laptop repair specialists. So I trotted out my lappy over to there, hoping I can leave with a functioning adapter, was told to wait 1-2 hours, and did so.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Laptop taking a long, long rest.

So, we've entered the 3rd day since my laptop took a dive. The AC
adapter deep-sixed. It bought the farm. It's DEAD. Zombie wa AC
adapter desu ka. Ok, I am enraged by the lack of Kore Wa Zombo that I
have been so lacking these days, as I can't stand the thought of being
away from my Seraphim for any amount of time.

It's a sad sordid tale of bad timing and above all, irony. Bad timing,
as in, through everyday use something such as a dead power brick is
the thing that shuts down my laptop. Irony, which I hate alongside
"coincidence", because I had loaned my old laptop to someone else and
what do you know, that one is still going strong. Oh well why don't
you use that? Well, I'm not the kind of guy to say "hey man, give it
back" especially since I have moved the HDD out and migrated to this
newer laptop, which is an SATA drive compared to the old laptop, an
IDE. So my first choice is to fix this laptop instead. Just need to
find the time to go out on the town again (which I should say it's not
a fun thing especially when I had done so several times the previous
week and for the first time, I felt the limitations of my hurting
right wrist). I'm not even going to mention that I admit I have been
spending more time with my DS lately, as I find stylus-based games
quite amusing as I don't think I can ever hold the DS normally
anymore. Or that part where I sheepishly admit that I have beaten such
a small amount of games that I have, and have never bothered to even
complete for what, 6 years now? lol

But that's where the loveley world of mobile device computing comes
in! Nowadays I can play up to 480p content on my smartyphones, so I'm
not left out Alone in The Dark! Which leads me to my preposterous
thought of wondering just how far can I take mobile blogging and
viewing/reading. Yes, the thought of waiting till who knows when to
fix my lappy has occurred to me, and the thought of actually creating
a completely mobile manga project has gone through my mind before as
well. Can I do it? Will I be able to go without my glorious 720p
viewing experience? Am I to watch the Transformers DoTM Superbowl spot
on my tiny screen? Find out... whenever that is. Ah, how amusing it is
of late. Even my iPod Shuffle has been seeing more action, as my
primary choice of music playback. I seem to be digging up neglected

In the meantime, I have this nice link for everyone... XD

Testing the MobilLogging of Blogger

Let's see how Blogger likes me posting via email... Hmm.


What else is there...

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gone again? Why in the world...

Where do we begin? Not to take one from the Joker, but I honestly
don't know where to start. I guess, to put it simply, I ran into one
of those starvation things my blog seems so full of. Honestly, I lose
weight, gain a little, lose more, ridiculous cycle of something
unforseen. Not really in the mood to fill my blog with posts like
these so let's end this at that...

On the lighter side, thank God I'm still alive, so you won't be
reading an obituary here lol. As a matter of fact, if I was spirited
away there'd still be no obituary, considering the closed-source
nature of my life. I then decided that nothing on planet Earth will
last forever, so I'm going to go ahead and see if I'm sane enough to
start working on manga, starting off in a one-shotty way before
jumping into my series, sounds like a good idea for someone who cheats
death so often.

So, here I am, and here I go again resuming online duties. lol @ PSP NGP

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whoa, week Jan 2-8

My my, what a ridiculous week Jan 2-8 was. There was a lot of things this week, from real life down to anime. Let's get down to it.

- R.I.P. Marine Corps EFV. This was probably the most ridiculous news to cross my wires that hit me very hard. I have been following this program since its [publicly disclosed] revealing, and to see it cancelled like that hit me very hard. One of the things I never figured out, was that if these defense projects take more than 10 years to reach fruitition, it is dead obsolete from its inception. If you can't bring your weapon to war when you built it, don't even expect to win. Let it also be known that the STOVL JSF version has been pushed aside.

- CES 2011 has come and gone, and keeping with the news was a tough thing to do, but a little easier to handle since nothing of real interest came around.

- China's stealth technology demonstrator J-xx revealed to the world. A rather large aircraft, it leads me to wonder why SecDef Gates thought 2020 was a more plausible timeframe than 2010. In fact, what was this guy doing? Is Gates so hard up in defense spending that he didn't want to pay the extra data bandwidth just to visit chinese forums? This being the same guy who ordered mine resistant vehicles too late for Iraq, and the same guy who fired those knowledgeable about The 'stan when he is not the one on the ground there.

- On a lighter note, I finally got my HTC Touch Pro, very cheap (under $20), very much functional, and probably the final replacement for my Treo 750. But, not even that went well, as this country (the Philippines) has the most atrocious postal service (a corporation) in the world (at least the parts of the world I've been to), as this phone arrived in this country last year, but never delivered, prompting me to initiate a physical inquiry at the post office demanding some answers. You know it got bad when not even the super could find it, prompting a call to the delivery man who knew exactly where it was [perfectly hidden]. Explain that to me. (the guess was he was probably trying to have the 30 day package holding policy pass by so that he can have it for himself). I'm not even going to get into the treo replacement keyboard part I ordered last year as well, and yet to have.

- Postal issues aside, this week saw the retirements of my white LG KG800, and my HP iPAQ hx2415 (retired from frontline service). This Touch Pro will now handle all PDA related activities, as well as being the new platform for my drawing ability. Perhaps my Palm T|X will follow soon.

- Anime happenings go to my other blog.

- More 3DS bits came out, amusingly enough. Just when I decided not to post a post on the Animesuki forum about batteries still not advancing at the rate computers and smartphones do...

- On the question of my absence, I have been (ordered to) commiting to health rehabilitation, in a drive to better handle my body so that it won't go through those horrible illness' anymore. So that led me to only partake in a reading mode for my online activities. A lot to catch up to, huh. And my hand still hurts.

- Finally, the biggest piece of news to hit me hard, I know it is rather old news, but Stargate Universe has been canceled on the Syfy channel. Call me serious Sam, but it's not April, and I'm not laughing. Really, just when the story was getting good, we now have to live with a Season 2 episode 20 cliffhanger, with no word yet as to when that will be resolved. To say I'm disappointed, is an understatement. I am... only human XD

Posted from my Touch Pro via Blogger