Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of Treo750 ROM development

Well, it's here. The beginning of the end. Due to personal reasons, I've decided to end Palm Treo 750 development, for many reasons actually. It's not a lucrative investment of my time, and with my Treo operating at half it's production capacity (Send button dead, keyboard over-stressed, battery now half its mAh), I can no longer flash and flash like I used to. Not to worry though, I made some promises and I'm going to deliver. Hermann 2.1 is now stable, and perhaps the fastest 6.5 ROM you will ever experience on your Treo.

I hope everyone understands, as at first I started out a complete newbie, and I'm going out with a bang, as one of the few Treo 750 experts left out there who knows everything there is to the phone, both hardware and software. I've made some discoveries others have wringed their hair over, I've done a lot for the Treo that some have tried and failed, but more importantly, I didn't leave unexpectedly :p

Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is töt.

Finally. May just started and it's already looking good.

Like, I don't even remember how many whiner babies over the years kept
saying he'll never be found, or killed, but finally we don't have to
see anymore tapes of this guy.

Unless he's been youtubing all this time. At least now the world is
rid of this guy. And despite all the claims of "it isn't over yet" or
"another will rise", I say screw all that. At least Bin Laden is dead.
And his numerous wives can split his leftover wealth. Fun for the
whole family!

Now if only we could see a body... I recall even Zarqawi had a death-shot.