Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another long day...

 Or another bad day. Strange day more like. Whatever day it is today, it's supposed to be a Saturday, but man I feel so ruined that it deserves it's own blog post.

My day kinda starts like this: there's two funny things I heard about in my life; one is "[If] life is so short, why waste it on sleep?", and the other thing is that research a couple years ago indicating that people who get more sleep have better brain operational capacity than those who don't [get enough sleep].

Now, I'm doing a great job of not getting enough sleep [when I need it], and I'm keeping that up with a 'am good job of over-working my brain day in and night out. I am effectively using two "theories" and clashing them all into one big contradiction. But it seems, even that contradiction must come to an end, and I'm feeling it. A part of this whole mess is the insignificant wireless carrier that I use for internet, it is highly unreliable during the day, with it's only best use coming in at the ungodly hours of humankind (Read: when you are supposed to be sleeping). This means all the information I need is best accessed when I am supposed to be sleeping, and when I'm awake I cannot access them [in a reliable manner].

If you thought that was weird, I got word earlier this week that I am supposed to do some sort of autobiography or something like that about my life (in case you were going to ask, it's not an obituary >_>). Now, given the odd nature of my way of life, how am I supposed to do this? As far as I can remember the happy days came far and few in-between, I'm just going to be writing some strange, somewhat sad stuff of my past. Definitely not something I want to delve into...

But, life is life. If I want to live it, there's certain things I have to do. And now it seems like sleep is one of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou Research, series 01

So... lousy week, actually. Lots of ruination and developments
affecting my performance in real life, my anime life has taken a
backseat yet again. Memories of 3 years ago are resurfacing...

Back to it though, the start of my Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou research
posts, meine gott meine gott, how much I could have done if I had the
time. Ahem, my real-life escapades aside, let's tackle something first
from episode 10. Part 01 of my II no DM research.

We learn from this episode that it was the headmaster and Bouchirou
that had a hand in the previous Maou's demise. This means it actually
clears up something interesting:

1. The legend of Brave defeating the Maou, was just that, a legend.
2. Because Peterhausen did not recognize Brave, this confirms that
legend/D-13 was created after the previous Maou's demise.

From this I believe D-13 was created after Sai went missing as a baby,
without him under surveillance D-13 was probably the plan B to take
care of the Maou when he arises later on. What is interesting though,
with D-13 having been created after the previous Maou bought the farm,
the Yatagarasu calling out Hiroshi as a hero would then seem more and
more like the setup I have been theorizing about a few weeks ago. Or
perhaps the yatagarasu is the headmasters' way of knowing ahead of
time where the chess pieces of Bouchirou's next game will be. Of
course, this will probably be a detail we will never see...

The next part I'd like to talk about, is when it is known the source
for controlling the monsters is within the school. Huh huh, one might
simply think it's Fujiko, but what if... it's actually Keena? Far as I
can tell there remains nothing else in the school basements other than
Peterhausen, so that would leave Keena, or... those weird
lights-in-a-circle. Let's see if I can make this Keena theory

--Keena's special.
--Let's pretend Fujiko didn't really have control of the monsters, but
rather they just happened to be heading there to "assist her".
--There's still that egg debalce from ep 08.
--As well as her having some sort of attraction to some of the animals
related to monsters (demon dog, cucumber).

There is of course some things to consider about this theory, like her
not up to war and killing, and being sort of a saint, it's kind of
hard to see her having something to do with monsters.

My take on episode 11, has it as Keena being the deciding factor
between headmaster, Sai and Bouchirou. This isn't about Sai killing
gods, but about Keena not liking the idea of Sai being a killer. Keena
is going to save Sai, and the only possibilities of saving him are:

1. If he is about to kill someone.
2. If he's about to get himself killed.
3. If someone's going to kill him.

I'll say, #1 seems highly likely given the alluded hints of Keena not
wanting Sai to kill someone.

Part 2 of research will continue in a moment.

(Anime research by The mangatron is a feature of his blog where he
puts his mind to the history of anime, and how that history affects
the present, and ultimately future projects in the days ahead.)