Friday, January 24, 2014

The year is young, but my luck is too old for that spit

Health status? 70%. Maybe less. Recovering from my food poisoning incident was a slow process, whether it was my malnourished state or I was just too tired, I neglected the warning signs on my left leg, the same leg that had the ankle-bug-bite sprain. I was too pre-occupied with taking my supplements and watching what I eat (I put a 1 month ban on anything egg related), I did what ever it took to heal my ankle faster since that was more important, but I hadn't realized the slight pain in my knee was more serious than cramps.

I ended up injuring the ligament on my left knee, and it's back to hobbling around again. I am seriously putting way too much strain on my right leg, almost 2 months now I been putting what's left of my weight on it, once my left leg is fully healed I might end up with a kick boxer right leg >__>

And that's the gist of it. I am in a lot of pain and putting a lot of ice on it, wrapping it up, and I've got a few more writing assignments to do and it's just not looking good. Hadn't had a chance to give my 250GB hdd a proper funeral either :/