Monday, December 13, 2010

I've done it! WM6.5 Build 21901 running on my Palm Treo750

After several days of toiling away with OSKitchen, I have finally
cooked a bootable ROM for the elderly Palm Treo 750. Of course, being
bootable does not compute to fully operational, so given a few tweaks
here and there I'm sure everything will be fine. I hope.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Meet Shadow the HermitHog

Look at that crab boogie!

Meet Shadow the Hedgehog, the name I gave a hermit crab which, although the pictures don't show it (due to a strange type of chameleon type shell), it has a primarily black spikey shell. That prompted me to name it Shadow, after the character in the Sonic Adventure 2 game and it's spinoffs thereafter.

Press your clothes on the Irony Board

I had a pretty much nothing but laughs for the WikiLeaks fiasco going on now, considering I had just talked about operational security in my famous "Hermit Crab watches Hyakka Ryoran" post. The whole wikileaks thing started because an US Army Private decided to take some stuff. I can see why the US Army's Operation Security policy concerning the internet does hinge largely on a single soldier's common sense; put simply, don't do what you didn't need to. Every action humans take in this world will have a reaction, small or big.

But my past few weeks had nothing to do with the Wikileaks, I assure you. No, there are no documents or "cables" about me in there, and I am definitely am not the Private. No, this post mainly talks about just why do I have so many things to do these days. Of course, I'm not venting like my little moody post last week, no, this is about me wondering just how far can I keep multi-tasking.