Friday, September 03, 2010

Someone dial nein won won!

Or was I supposed to say 112..... whatever, the real problem now is that I;m having those stomach problems again. While on a supposed vacation. Think about it again. I thought I was better for the greater part of a year, and while vacationing at the beach, I get food poisoning. And here I was supposed to do a blog post about how "fun" it's been here, but instead my first real post after a long time and it's about bad [local] food.

I'm serious, it's not healthy here. The locals aren't exactly clean, the water quality (faucet water) smells funky, and... it's not exactly a resort resort, but a local resort.... not sure I said it properly, but perhaps if I tell everyone where it is. Two hints: How many of my readers remember the last location I mentioned on this blog, and part 2, here's some fun coordinates (I hope I did this right, there isn't exactly a degree key on this keyboard):

13 degrees 40'14."N, 121 degrees23'22.29"E

So, later on with my posts about how this "vacation" has been going besides sickly, so to ease my frustrations, how about a piccy of the local kitty (taken with an HTC HD2):