Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank you for 1000!

Yes, thank you. No I'm not a baseball player who reached hit #1000 lol. I'm really glad to have visitors from many places all over the world. As a treat, I'll post some interesting tidbits about the story behind me:

  • Before, I wasn't really a figurehead on the internet. I'd like to contribute my success to the day I joined L33t-Raws way back in Jan/Feb 2004. It was since that day that my life has become...more busier lol.
  • Actually, that year was somewhat amazing. I was a beta tester for Novalogic, being one of the first people to participate in a 250 player game among the other fellow beta testers. The map was nasty huge with at one point had 60+ people attacking a AAS base!
  • That same year was also the same time I migrated to Animesuki after Animenation revamped their forums to appeal to a more American anime audience, with purportedly deleting the games and Coming Anime sections. But, that set the stage for....
  • 2005, the year of the mangatron, as I like to let the whole anime world know lol. Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ has aired and the mangatron has nosebleeded to death the entire season. With the mangatron taking over threads after that, the stage was complete for his age old goal...
  • I had finally taken the top ranking on search results from Google and Yahoo. For years even before Animesuki was born I had tried to retain the top spot, but failed miserably lol.
  • My past life aside, here are some interesting site stats:
  1. Most unique visitor I had was someone from near Madagascar lol.
  2. Most visitors from a country: 28% from United States
  3. Most used Browser: Currently tied 36% IE 6+ and FF 1.5.0 . Oddly enough FF 2.0 is less used lol.
  4. Most used OS to access Animesuki's mangatron: 90% WinXP, with 4% unknown, I'm guessin Mac OS since 3% is Linux :/
  5. The last 5 visitors to 1000:
  • 995-United States, 996-Japan, 997-Singapore, 998-Canada, 999-Argentina, 1000-Germany.
And there you have it, the mangatron and my silly sense of humor :P

Comments always welcomed!

Monday, October 23, 2006

And so, the testing begins

And here is where the test resides. Or, text. Or, tecks. Whatever, smarty pantsu. Point is so that previewing won't be a error filled 404 oh my nelly pain in the jazz lol.