Endeavors/past projects

Here is a page listing my endeavors since 2006, a year when I thought a blog would be a nice archive of my mind. You'll see a number of things ordinary people don't do; at least, things a person that is not of that field would do.

Need For Speed Most Wanted A Criterion Game Published By Electronic Arts
I always like how that title is a mouth full if you try to say everything. My return to NFS with cops since the Windows98 days, it feels appropriate to make a guide for this game.

Continued development of the Android Kernel for the LG VS750 Fathom

I have continued, and made possible an updated kernel for running Android on the LG VS750 Fathom, a Windows Mobile device. Visit the thread here for more info.

I'd have to say this one took a considerable amount of skill, knowledge, and mental capacity to learn new things for a person like me to do that no other cooker before me managed to accomplish. I was a complete newbie in regards to cooking ROMs, with previous experience learning how to take apart HP's hx2000 series, which I don't think counts as cooking a ROM, despite a successful cook and flash for my hx2415. Still, I breathed new life into a phone some had thought was not possible due to several uncommon factors, such as a smartphone-industry low 240x240 resolution, 300mhz processor, 64MB of RAM (with 24 available), and not to mention Palm's reliance on their today plugins.

It was around this time that I started cutting up all my old dying devices, and wondering what better use they can be besides their battery. Take some speakers, a little wiring, and you too can make your own 4-speaker DS mod like my world's first (heh) version.

Here's one for the "is it possible?" At first I thought I can't do it due to lack of parts (at the time I was not at home Home), but why I brought the Joystick attachment for the GBA SP all the way from the USA, ended up having me detect the similar sized cross layout, and ultimately sticking that to my DS Lite. And, it works!

Here's one for the "Can I risk the least amount of time for a lot of effort?" lineup. During my absence from all things Anime, at first I thought if no one else will, why not I, but then I saw the amount of players who needed help, and decided speedy help is more important than wasting my time pondering. My first FAQs ever, despite being a GameFAQs reader since those PS1/Dreamcast days. Intermission questions go here, and Ending's questions go here.

The largest compilation of translators for a single episode... who couldn't put up with Goto Yuko's speed talk :P

2006 is a year to remember, as you spend a number of years watching Anime, and then you see interesting series stall, and then you wonder if you could do something to help. I decided to help in the most demanded role of a fansubber: a JP->EN translator. Originally joining Ryoumi to work on Chocosis, I was promptly put to work on Tokimeki Memorial Only Love in an attempt to beat C1 Anime to the releases.

Here's an old blog I used for announcing my translation duties after I did a little freelance work.

The Spring 2010 Anime season saw my return to stable forum participation over at Animesuki after a 2 year absence, and ultimately my antics in the Dai Maou thread proved to be the deciding factor in which thread I would spend most of my time in. Taking that a step further, though, was a series of 4-koma designed to poke fun at thought provoking events in the Anime. Arguably the first 4-koma done proved to be the most popular, as it poses a serious question: Why didn't she?

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