Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank you for 1000!

Yes, thank you. No I'm not a baseball player who reached hit #1000 lol. I'm really glad to have visitors from many places all over the world. As a treat, I'll post some interesting tidbits about the story behind me:

  • Before, I wasn't really a figurehead on the internet. I'd like to contribute my success to the day I joined L33t-Raws way back in Jan/Feb 2004. It was since that day that my life has become...more busier lol.
  • Actually, that year was somewhat amazing. I was a beta tester for Novalogic, being one of the first people to participate in a 250 player game among the other fellow beta testers. The map was nasty huge with at one point had 60+ people attacking a AAS base!
  • That same year was also the same time I migrated to Animesuki after Animenation revamped their forums to appeal to a more American anime audience, with purportedly deleting the games and Coming Anime sections. But, that set the stage for....
  • 2005, the year of the mangatron, as I like to let the whole anime world know lol. Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ has aired and the mangatron has nosebleeded to death the entire season. With the mangatron taking over threads after that, the stage was complete for his age old goal...
  • I had finally taken the top ranking on search results from Google and Yahoo. For years even before Animesuki was born I had tried to retain the top spot, but failed miserably lol.
  • My past life aside, here are some interesting site stats:
  1. Most unique visitor I had was someone from near Madagascar lol.
  2. Most visitors from a country: 28% from United States
  3. Most used Browser: Currently tied 36% IE 6+ and FF 1.5.0 . Oddly enough FF 2.0 is less used lol.
  4. Most used OS to access Animesuki's mangatron: 90% WinXP, with 4% unknown, I'm guessin Mac OS since 3% is Linux :/
  5. The last 5 visitors to 1000:
  • 995-United States, 996-Japan, 997-Singapore, 998-Canada, 999-Argentina, 1000-Germany.
And there you have it, the mangatron and my silly sense of humor :P

Comments always welcomed!

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