Friday, April 13, 2007

So, with mangatron Ver 2.0 launched, where was I before then?

Yeah, another 3 column setup, but this one kinda sucks a bit to a considerable degree. For one thing, if the browser size is squished, so does this blog which also means everything will fall apart. So just remember to stay 1024x768 size and everything is good lol. Now, onto my story. Actually, I had a system failure. My one and only laptop, gasping on AC adapter power and heavily breathing through the system fan. What happened was, I had multiple device failure on the DVD writer, Ethernet death, HDD slowdowns and the list goes on, but I had to delete alot of files, in the process losing a heck of alot more data than I originally intended to (the purpose of the system recovery was to save my data, not lose it). So trying to save my data before a total system crash did, I ended up losing alot more than I thought I would. And good thing my laptop came OEM with a Phoenix Firstware Pro 2004 recovery program so I could restore my OS without boot discs and what not.

So there you have it, for about a week I was restoring my laptop, losing data but the end result, not too bad: DVD drive can once again write DVD-RW's and play movies, HDD has had a 5 hour Defragmentation thanks to Perfect Disk 8, haven't tried ethernet as I'm going wireless now, but yeah. I was also able to split my drive into two partitions so that program files go in one, data in the other.

And, unforetunately I had to put off fansub duties. Ddin't want me working on a file then having a system crash in the middle of it all :/

So, yeah, uh, this blog will be about my personal life, my experiences and what not. I'll be doing gaming updates on my Gamespot blog, mostly about my gaming life, Nintendo DS experiences, and other things. I'll also comment here about other non-anime things I watch/read, news I read and what not. Also, I'm trying to watch my health. And, just like my anime/manga blog, everything is still in the design phase. I'm all about making it work, not just look good.

Note: as said in the previous post, I re-acquired my FTP info and will now store all images on my FTP @

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