Friday, May 22, 2009

Palm Treo 750v post

Well well, seems dumbphones will stay dumb, if that previous double post was any indication. So, being a whole lot faster with a better browser to boot, this could be a start of a beautiful form of mobile blogging. Fun, modern times I say...

(this post brought to you via a Palm Treo 750v with Vodaphone's WM6 ROM on a 3G network using the Opera 8.6 browser.Till they sorted out the incompatibility mess of the 9.5 version.)

Netfront is probably better, but I wanted to try Opera for the first time (for WM, since I've used Opera Mini on the Blackberry before)

On a side note, if this looks like a double post, that's due to the "send" button being right below the message box. Way to go, Yahoo...

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