Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In sickness and in health...

Is that how it goes? I wouldn't know, I haven't gotten married. Yet? Er, anyways, I figured this would be the right time to explain that awefully long absence I had since my last transmission online (I believe that was on the GameFaqs forum for Luminous Arc 2)

That week, 3rd week of February, I encountered my worst stomach flu/food poisoning yet. That marks the 5th time I've gotten sick while in this country (Philippines) and you'd think that by now I'd be just about sick of this country. (If you know about that joke from NGE(Evangelion) about Germany being the worst, that is nothing more than a joke because this Philippines wins hands down for basically the most unhealthiest country that [I've been to so far].) While I'm not going to lament the serious lack of hygiene or the utter lameness of cleanliness, this country really needs some heavy sanitation done on it. I mean, the way the food is handled in this country... really makes me say "I'm definitely a foreigner..."

Putting my thoughts on this country aside, the sickness lasted over 3 months, at times it got so bad I just had to lie in bed, now and then unable to have even the strength to hold my DS Lite (The DS Phat just seemed to have gotten even heavier). Now I've lost a heck of a lot of weight, I eat less and even more of less (or more or less lesser), and, well, I'm back to where I started, but lost 3 months in the process, and this is the first time I've taken so much medicine (orally and external application.) Not to mention nowadays I just have no apettite for food, in some cases I am under orders to eat at least a bite of something (forcing me to cook my own food since buying food made out there is like, a death sentence or something) While I understand that I can't work without some form of food for energy, I just can't help but wonder, is this country worth it? The work that brings me here, is that something I should continue doing? (There's something funny about Germans working in southeast asia, My uncle worked in Singapore for a bit.)

I ponder the worth of this country, and whether or not the citizens even care about their own country (I mean the air quality, the AIR quality!! I didn't even mention the food. Ok now I did...)

Hopefully now, with wireless broadband and a little luck, I hope to be back in full gear and ready to post some interesting things that happened during my rehab. Well, that and I had to help a few people over at the XDA developers forum. So from my Blackberry Curve browsing to my DS hardware modifications, to my degraded health, I will survive.

And yes, I still am working on those Luminous Arc 2 guides. They are... coming along nicely >_>

(Edited due to mobile blog posting being a major piss ant.)


  1. tough! anyway i've been looking at your LA2 guides, the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS are SOOOOO funny!! especially this :
    Q: I knew it! You're The mangatron! THE Lolitron!
    A: www.fbi.gov"

    and this:
    Yes! She is the one for me!
    Take that, you friends of mine who call me "lolitron"! Dia isn't a loli!
    Victory is mine! Mwhahahaha!

    Q: Lolitron.
    A: Shut it.

    (to be honest, i laugh when people call you lolitron, bwahahahahaha!!)

  2. Glad to see you're recovering

    Well, I'm just finished with LA2, for the second time. Your hard-worked guide, and of course humors, was very helpful in replaying the game, lots of thanks.

    And btw, in the intermission guide, I see that Rina's age (yeah, I'm her fan) was blanked. I quite recall that it was revealed around the death of Steven that she's 15. (the wording was something like, '...you were just 5 yo back then and 10 years has passed already.' So 10+5=15) I'm not totally confirming though.

    I don't have gamefaqs ID so I'm posting here, hope I'm not troubling you.

    Thanks again

    From your LA2 faq reader, Thyme.