Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another long day...

 Or another bad day. Strange day more like. Whatever day it is today, it's supposed to be a Saturday, but man I feel so ruined that it deserves it's own blog post.

My day kinda starts like this: there's two funny things I heard about in my life; one is "[If] life is so short, why waste it on sleep?", and the other thing is that research a couple years ago indicating that people who get more sleep have better brain operational capacity than those who don't [get enough sleep].

Now, I'm doing a great job of not getting enough sleep [when I need it], and I'm keeping that up with a 'am good job of over-working my brain day in and night out. I am effectively using two "theories" and clashing them all into one big contradiction. But it seems, even that contradiction must come to an end, and I'm feeling it. A part of this whole mess is the insignificant wireless carrier that I use for internet, it is highly unreliable during the day, with it's only best use coming in at the ungodly hours of humankind (Read: when you are supposed to be sleeping). This means all the information I need is best accessed when I am supposed to be sleeping, and when I'm awake I cannot access them [in a reliable manner].

If you thought that was weird, I got word earlier this week that I am supposed to do some sort of autobiography or something like that about my life (in case you were going to ask, it's not an obituary >_>). Now, given the odd nature of my way of life, how am I supposed to do this? As far as I can remember the happy days came far and few in-between, I'm just going to be writing some strange, somewhat sad stuff of my past. Definitely not something I want to delve into...

But, life is life. If I want to live it, there's certain things I have to do. And now it seems like sleep is one of them.

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