Sunday, February 06, 2011

Laptop taking a long, long rest.

So, we've entered the 3rd day since my laptop took a dive. The AC
adapter deep-sixed. It bought the farm. It's DEAD. Zombie wa AC
adapter desu ka. Ok, I am enraged by the lack of Kore Wa Zombo that I
have been so lacking these days, as I can't stand the thought of being
away from my Seraphim for any amount of time.

It's a sad sordid tale of bad timing and above all, irony. Bad timing,
as in, through everyday use something such as a dead power brick is
the thing that shuts down my laptop. Irony, which I hate alongside
"coincidence", because I had loaned my old laptop to someone else and
what do you know, that one is still going strong. Oh well why don't
you use that? Well, I'm not the kind of guy to say "hey man, give it
back" especially since I have moved the HDD out and migrated to this
newer laptop, which is an SATA drive compared to the old laptop, an
IDE. So my first choice is to fix this laptop instead. Just need to
find the time to go out on the town again (which I should say it's not
a fun thing especially when I had done so several times the previous
week and for the first time, I felt the limitations of my hurting
right wrist). I'm not even going to mention that I admit I have been
spending more time with my DS lately, as I find stylus-based games
quite amusing as I don't think I can ever hold the DS normally
anymore. Or that part where I sheepishly admit that I have beaten such
a small amount of games that I have, and have never bothered to even
complete for what, 6 years now? lol

But that's where the loveley world of mobile device computing comes
in! Nowadays I can play up to 480p content on my smartyphones, so I'm
not left out Alone in The Dark! Which leads me to my preposterous
thought of wondering just how far can I take mobile blogging and
viewing/reading. Yes, the thought of waiting till who knows when to
fix my lappy has occurred to me, and the thought of actually creating
a completely mobile manga project has gone through my mind before as
well. Can I do it? Will I be able to go without my glorious 720p
viewing experience? Am I to watch the Transformers DoTM Superbowl spot
on my tiny screen? Find out... whenever that is. Ah, how amusing it is
of late. Even my iPod Shuffle has been seeing more action, as my
primary choice of music playback. I seem to be digging up neglected

In the meantime, I have this nice link for everyone... XD

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