Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yet another absence, again due to health

In the final week of February, I was able to write about my life because I got sick of all the smokers I encountered on my last night out at the mall, and I lie in bed typing away on my Touch Pro. SERIOUSLY SMOKERS, CUT IT OUT. I've been there before, all right, nearly crushed by depression, having desired for a smoke, but I fought that depression, I overcame the desire, and that year I proceeded to actually do something in my life (JP-Eng fansub translating), and I've hated the smoke since then. It's no wonder why I'm irate, despite my hankerchief covering my mouth, there just had to be smoker after smoker killing themselves and everyone else around them, just STOP IT okay? You opened up old wounds. I stopped, and so can you. At least don't do it in such crowded public places like the mall entrance. Where the hell was I supposed to wait? It's a hired ride, and it's a drop zone. PUT IT OUT. It's RUDE to smoke in public places, especially places that have hundreds of people passing by every hour. Have some decency and learn some courtesy that hell, if others around you aren't doing it, then we sure as hell don't want to be breathing what you're spweing out. End rant.

Fellow fansubbers had always told me to watch my health. I do, and I thank all of them for reminding a stubborn growing-too-old-too-fast dude like me. But if it is inflicted on me by a third party, then I have to suffer for it. And it takes up valuable time such as the last half of February, especially when I had just come off the January incident.

And now I'm seeing reality again. No cute girl to nurse me back to health as I helplessly lay there on my bed, no badly cooked porridge to get me riled up, no naked aprons no female childhood friend crawling through the window no girl falling from the sky, nothing, just... the truth about reality. I've read lots of Manga, I've watched lots of Anime, and for once in my life, I envied the lead males of those stories all because one day, they were a normal, average male, and the next day he's Mr Popular. Anime and Manga and Eroge/galge/ren ai games have all let me down, as I ponder yet again: .....will I ever meet a tsundere? XD
Wait, of all the questions I had to ask myself, did I really have to ask that? I-it's not like I like tsundere's or anything. D-don't get the wrong idea!
I know I'm a guy with a zany personality and an odd aura about that just seems to draw curiosity from girls, but I'm gonna follow Steven Seagal here: "It's not a job. It's an adventure."

Fun adventure I'm on now. Now I'm going on a furious anti-smoking campaign, and Blogger had to bloody jam up their widgets. Here's something I had a laugh at that I saw recently, and this is for you smokers out there:

"To learn more about lung cancer, keep smoking"

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