Thursday, June 13, 2013

If I could have it any other way, I would

It would probably be an understatement to say May was a terrible month for me. It was a drastically horrific month for me. And, that was mainly because in the one time a year I can be myself, it was very much the opposite.

The warning signs were there right on my birthday, when the power went out for more than 2 hours. I only gave myself 12 hours in a day, slicing 2 off it for a ridiculous excuse isn't going to cut it (I later found out 5 power plants died at the same time. Say what?) Since that day, I was really in and out of my funk, as I went the entire month without my glorious phone (which died due to Qualcomm's poor heatsink management for their first ever 1Ghz processors.) I had been trying to help myself to anime, the only known consistent solace in my life, but why for the love of anime did everything (on my watch list) have to be airing on the end and beginning of the week. Was probably the first time I had to deal with my entire watch list happening on that string of days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday GMT +8) And I wanted to watch all I was watching on those days, sequels of existing series I am fond of, and new series I just had to watch.

Until that fateful weekend of May 17-20. That Friday, it was the first time this season I did not watch one anime episode to start the day. I had usually done so, to me that was like taking the most important medicine of the day (which you can see why I am a bit peeved at everything being on the weekends; my Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays were devoid of this crucial medicine.) I was a little bitter throughout the day, not feeling well since way back, when it happened. I got into an argument with the CEO about some discrepancies in the rising operating costs and profits that I noticed (you might recall in this post the 2 objectives that I accomplished). After what I accomplished in lowering those operating costs in the first place, being told "don't worry about it, that's not your job" really kind of pissed me off. Mostly because it was going on for years, it's well known enough already that I'm smart, I can't even try to hide that, and the part that pisses me off the most during all these years is when no one wants to admit as such, and instead try to justify their train of thought by pulling the rank/age card. First of all, I can't help it that I just so happen to be younger than everyone else, but bloody hell when I'm right, I am not automatically wrong just because you think you are right because you're older. What the hell is my job for if you won't even listen to me? If you think you are so right, why do you have to pull your age into question instead of proving it? I don't even try to act smarter than everyone, I just want to help damnit.

And I had to live with this for much of my life, being towered over by older people. What no one realizes, is that my ratio of correct/incorrect predictions heavily favors the correct, and the frustrating part is that when they listen to my advice, and things go well, oh hey it worked okay back to work.... all as if I didn't do anything. And yet when my advice is ignored, and things go wrong, I have to hear it about how not enough was done. It's incredibly frustrating. I can't get fired but I can't quit either, I'm too involved and I'd need leverage if I am to make my case. But I'm so damn tired, even more so that my average sleep hours are dropping instead of rising as time goes on. I have to wonder if anyone even realizes about brain age compared to life years. For the past 15 years, I have averaged 7 hours of sleep for every 24 hours. That's way low than what was recommended to me (12 hours), making my brain age much older, or as old as someone twice my age. My brain has been active far longer than it was asleep!

The following Saturday, I suffered a massive headache as my depression went dangerously low, and I'm talking 2006 low. My headaches are more alarming now because it's a two step headache, the first day is very mind crushing, I cannot sleep, yet I feel so tired, it's extremely difficult to keep my head on a stable axis. The second day, if I even managed to sleep through the night, involves returning to normal, IE "I didn't even get much sleep but I am so awake right now". So far I have totally failed the second day, at times I relapse the headache. Well, as if my weekend couldn't get any worse, my wireless carrier, who I depend on for internet, fucked me up royally (again!):
So my favorite plan was their Unli Tingi (I have no idea what that means) plan, which is basically 5 peso for 1 hour of unlimited (AKA 800MB) internet. It's not a bad plan when you consider that outside of the registration hours (7-9AM), it's a 15 peso subscription or 20 peso unrestricted. So I go for it. As you can see on May 19, I had checked my load balance, at 126 peso I fire up the 1 hour plan, and during that 1 hour, I was suspicious about something, the speeds were so slow, and I mean really slow, I had not even reached the 800MB limit when I realized the OreImo episode was not going to finish. So my plan was to let the plan expire, and go unrestricted at 5 peso for 15 minutes. As you can see I was deducted 5 peso bringing me down to 116, and not long afterwards my connection goes dead and nothing works. I tried connecting again, and it still didn't work, that's when I did that balance check again and boom, I am magically down to 1 peso, thereby rendering any further use of internet impossible. Okay, I thought, they stole from me again. How the fuck did they steal from me again? That weekend of all days, when I was at my most shittiest, when acquiring the glorious OreImo episode? I wasted no time to call them, having to borrow load for that since you can't call their customer service with 1 peso, and I demanded to know what happened. I gave them my info, and authorization to look into my account. As usual, they were able to see that oh, gee whiz, you didn't share any load, you don't have any ongoing subscriptions to any rip off services of ours, let me put in a requesto to the higher ups to investigate and we'll get back to you on the 23rd.

Till now they did not return my load. The bullshit excuse they tried to feed me on the 23rd was that in the weeks before the 19th, I had been using the Unli Tingi service, which should have totaled 70 peso. HELLO? WHERE DID THE OTHER 45 GO??? I shoved that question up their proverbial arse and I was then told "oh, I need to let them investigate this, you will receive a notification no later than the 24th....." yeah, there was that dumb ass blank at the end of the call rep's sentence, if I was a mean ass fuck I would have screamed at her "NO MORE INVESTIGATION, REFUND NAO" like they did before. Nope, no refund, other than a text informing me that my subscriptions have all been terminated. Say what? WE JUST SAW THERE WEREN'T ANY mother loving.....

You hear me Globe? Fuck your 700 million USD upgrade. Your network sucks major donkey balls and you bloody know it. I have seen more people jump ship to Smart in this time span than I did last year. You want to piss me off? Here's my reference ID that you lousy trites gave me: DCM13050001264. Right now you clowns are losing more money than you did in any year before, and that loan you borrowed from the Singapore bank? Eat you heart out, suckers.

The following 2-3 weeks since that day, their network was being chewed up six ways till Sunday. They suffered their most embarrassing security hole since the debacle last year. And to the day of this post, they are now suffering from the 10 minute disconnection, which is no matter what plan you are subscribed to, you will get cut off anywhere from 5-15 minutes later. Pricks. What's even worse, I can no longer trust that sim card I was using (effectively labeling it a cursed card), and I can't even jump to Smart because all I ever use is internet, and their plans suck even worse, not to mention they stole from me too, and I have never found a way to notify them to refund me back (I've heard rumors of workers stealing load from subscribers). The last  time I used their network, they pulled the same shit above, stealing my load and cutting me off from the internet. That leads me to believe it is a physical act of a person, and not some glitch like they like to claim.

So, it was to stay with the better plans and probably get fucked, or move to the other network and spend more on internet and am guaranteed to get fucked. And for my month of May, getting fucked by one network was enough for me.

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