Sunday, September 15, 2013

The reason why I keep on helping

Yesterday I was feeling down in the dumps, having finally given up on my keyboard(s). For so long typing has been a part of my work, and for some ridiculously ironic reason, on my free time I am..... also typing. A part of the reason why I'm typey typey like crazy is because I do it very very fast. And somehow the help I give people involves typing. It's not helped by my incredible desire for phones with hardware qwerty keyboards, which I've used for years.

Then I had a chat with my mother, who I rarely get to talk to these days, and she was telling me about how difficult it is to deal with folks, people who abuse her goodwill, and how it's just unhealthy to converse with them. It hadn't really sunk into me until midnight was approaching, and I was browsing whatever I missed before I hit the bed, and I came across this wonderful piece:

The reason why my mother keeps helping people, and the reason why I fulfill requests as much as I can, is because my mother taught me when I was a kid that "If someone comes to you for help/something, never hesitate to help them, because you do not know who they might be". And that video above is everything I've stood for, and what helping really means. See that link above? I named it "Endeavors/past projects" for a reason. Granted I'm not able to help people physically, but the time I spend on the internet, if someone has a question, and I know the answer, I'll help. If someone wants an avatar done, I'll help. If someone needs help with their computer, if someone needs advice, if there's anything I can do to help, I'll do it. Whoever they may be, if it's something they needed help with, I'll help what I can.

This is also the reason why I was recently involved in a serious scuffle with someone on Gamefaqs' message boards, concerning the FAQ Bounty system they have up. The love of money blinds people, and it also brings out their true character, and that person who I shall not name was fighting off every suggestion I had for the new system, all because the new system would have rewarded those who think they deserved it, without even realizing the implications the new system has on bounty's smaller than $40. For a person like me whose very first FAQ was speedily toiled on to help others, that was a slap on my face and everyone whose primary purpose is to help, and I called out that person for the hypocrite they were, and not long afterwards the mod closed the thread. One person threw away their humanity for $60. And that wasn't enough for them.

 Money can make people do funny things. --All about the benjamins

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