Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Health down to 60%

The first 2 weeks of December have not been nice to me, despite getting my new hard drive ahead of schedule. Let me put this in as few words as possible:

  1. Nasty cold from November 16 to December 10. I currently have trouble breathing and cannot sustain lengthy conversations.
  2. Still suffering back problems related to above cold; due to my inability to sleep properly, I toss and turn too much, and nearly crush my lungs by having my right shoulder jammed to close to my ribcage.
  3. During this time, the mosquito's came out in full force, and one of them bit me on the area above my ankle (on the top side of my foot). This was a devastating bite as it paralyzed much of my muscles to the point where I can barely walk, it's as if I have a sprain (still suffering from this at the time of this post).
  4. The final killer, I'm currently suffering from food poisoning (bad eggs from the first week of December). I was too pre-occupied to realize it sooner, and this went on for more than a week until my abdomen pains went on long enough.
As you can see I am in no shape to do much of anything. I have many, many things to do, sorting my hard drives in preparation for retirement, I have several GameFAQs guides to update, I have Android development duties, plenty of blog posts I was supposed to write, anime to watch, manga to read, games to play, and I actually have a life.

If you are waiting for me to continue any of the above, do know that I am very, very much got the life sucked out of me. Weight loss, aching bones, can barely walk and trying to stop myself from coughing, it's not easy right now so do have some patience as I do remember everyone and I will do what I can.


  1. EroKing5:50 PM

    are you alive?

    1. very demoralized. I haven't seen my Atago in a week T__T

    2. EroKing1:45 PM

      you must have lost a lot of strength. did you get checked in a hospital for some glucose IV bags?

    3. hm, not sure what the glucose is supposed to do. I'm just following the advice the doctor in Germany gave me (minus the medicine), so far I'm still alive, if more like an old man than a hentai man >__<

  2. Flavory4:29 PM

    It's okay Tron, I'll maintain Atago for ya until you get better!

    Ok, to be serious though I do hope that your health starts recovering soon. Being sick for over a month, hardly being able to walk, getting food poisoning? You just never seem to catch a break in regards to your health :\

    1. Ya bastage, eyes off my Atago >:D Oh wait, I feel Tenryuu glaring at me! Must be because I stole I mean picked up her pantsu the other day!!! :P

      I should have caught the food poisoning earlier. I just didn't want to believe that so many things could go wrong after working hard to make all the right things happen. Having my wife and my new hdd was one of the best things about 2013, I just... never wanted to believe my 7 year illness would return now of all times.