Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The story so far on my left leg

Well, the reason why my leg still hasn't healed yet because it was a partial LCL tear. And all this time I've been handling it wrong. Back in early February, when I was bending my knee, bad idea. Not only was I not supposed to be bending my knee, but I also wasn't supposed to be walking on my left leg either.
My leg as it is now

And it resulted in that. Aside from the LCL tear, I believe a 2nd tear happened on my lower calf. My silly cameraphone doesn't show the colors right, but it's seriously red there. So, since February 23, I have not bent my knee till now. Thanks to that, I feel my LCL reconnected, but I'm still not going to bend my knee until my lower calf heals. But it's become very frustrating to deal with. I was supposed to get crutches last Monday, but I've yet to get them. My right leg is becoming fatigued from all the hobbling. I have a feeling I may not get them, considering how terrible my luck has gotten, and I really think this language barrier has just about ruined me. Can you believe, since December last year, I've not been able to  hold a proper conversation with anyone without exploding into a coughing fit. And when I finally got a new supply of cough drops earlier this week, the damn things are a factory defect because for some ridiculous reason, the menthol is not present. And this is a brand I've been using for many months now, and in the one time I really needed them, they are a freaking rip off. So now I gotta wait for a new resupply. I'd probably ask about those crutches too but damn my bad luck. I can't believe how much of a mess this whole situation has become. It's not helping my view of this country either. Just when I thought I turned things around ending 2013, 2014 has been off to a really frustrating start for me...

Want to know how bad my luck was? While my knee was bandaged, the only open spot was my knee cap area. A mosquito saw fit to bite not once, but 6 times in the same spot in a crescent moon shape.
Let's not forget that due to a communication error, I was not able to eat eggs in February except for 1 piece (don't ask). The food poisoning in December 2013, the event that started this chain reaction leading to the break down in my leg, and I couldn't eat eggs for the protein when I really needed them because of potential contamination of the eggs that were purchased (no way was I going to risk food poisoning again).

(By the way, if anyone was wondering about the timeline: food poisoning in December, left ankle hurt shortly after a very nasty mosquito bite, during my very slow recovery in January, the severe lack of protein (egg ban for one month) + my over exertion of my legs (I live in a 3 story apt) led to the breakdown in my just recovered left leg (Jan 23). LCL partially torn or separated, muscle in upper calf hurting is where I'm at now.)

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