Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last post was...October? lol...

Man, I guess nothing much happens in my life. Well, let's see....aside from having many health issues, soda-fied stomach, nearly broken shoulder, lack of food options, poor lighting, lack of table for laptop, I could go on about how sucking this life is, but let's look at a brighter side, ja? How about I showcase a couple of pictures my oh so happy digital camera tries to paparazzi off of me:

Handheld device hell (No, that's not the only GBA game I have. Hint: DS's are on)
The James Bond briefcase with 2 Hard Drives and a PS2 lol
Oh, including my Master Grade Wing Zero Custom (no it doesn't go in the briefcase)

Yes, I really carry that much handhelds and that briefcase is entirely for the PS2 and HD's. So where does my laptop go? Well, my brother carries it lol....well, he carried it when I came here to Germany, so, technically yeah he carries it lol. The handhelds are scattered across a DS bag, GBA steel case and a hand carry suitcase that really is running out of room.

Hmm, wonder what's good for my next post....maybe I can post what a nightmare it is to eat out. I'll probably take pics of all the boxes that were the end result of "eating outside because you damn straight can't cook in a hotel" lol.

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