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Transformers and Optimus Prime.

You know, forget all you know about Optimus Prime. People are clouding their thoughts about who Prime is so much they even out-rank those who twist the meaning of "lolicon" on my list of Most Pathetic People on the internet. Here's what I have to say about Optimus Prime.

[quote of JesterJJZ from Shoot For The Edit forums]

That wasn't Optimus Prime, it was a completely separate character. Roberto said himself that movie Prime is supposed to be "THE" Optimus Prime that's based off the G1 incarnation. He should look the same. "THE" Optimus Prime always had a faceplate.


You know what, I think I've gottent annoyed enough lately. First the TF Allspark Wars online game was an incomplete, buggy game at launch day, more Frenzy hating, etc. and now this faceplate issue rises again. So while I am totally not in the mood, I think I will attack the above quote at full force.

"That wasn't Optimus Prime, it was a completely separate character."
Not one of the prime's ever concocted were "a completely seperate character". They all shared the same characteristics that is the Optimus Prime: protects humans, stops Decepticons, fights hard etc. To say Beast Wars Prime is a completely seperate Prime is like saying G1 Prime is the only prime in this long odd life of TF. So let's just keep remaking G1 to death is what the G1 trashbags want in other words....

"Roberto said himself that movie Prime is supposed to be "THE" Optimus Prime that's based off the G1 incarnation."
He did? When? Before pre-production or post-production? Yahoo interview? Why is it only one of them said that? Where's Alex [Kurtzman]? My point is from the outset, this was not supposed to be a G1 remake, or a 50% G1 homage salute, but they (the HasBeen er HasBro) said, in a paraphrase, "this is to be the introduction of a new line of TF". Which Don Murphy said it will/might/would share similarities with G1. In Don's words "The first thing I will be (vying) for is Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime". Don's got his wish, but what else did he wish for? He said that pre-production, and so far most of what he said has changed alot. So until I hear from Bay, Spielberg, Rob and Alex that this is exactly a G1 clone, I will say this for now: Movie Prime already is based off the G1 Incarnation. Because,

"He should look the same. "THE" Optimus Prime always had a faceplate."
This is a movie. This isn't like the G1 cartoon where in the cartoon they didn't have to explain how that faceplate keeps moving up and down. Why does it even move up and down? Somethin's moving, isn't it? Prime must have a jaw then. Let's go back in time and go to that ep when Prime was first created. Apparently he was a norm, casual civilian caught up in the war. Poor guy, got hurt and dropped by the nearest pit stop. And, if I remember correctly (sorry, I'm in Germany right now and my tapes are back in the USA), Prime was one of those with a mouth. A norm, a rather high-spirited one at that, that got "battle moded" by Alpha Trion. "You may not recognize him anymore, but his (heart) is the same". He said it. The "real" creator of Prime said what needs to be locked into the brain of every TF fan out there. No matter how different he may look, his heart is the same. His heart is what made him Optimus Prime. Let's go back to all those Peter Cullen interviews, pretty much the only live action element in the G1 Prime.

[quote " at Anime Matsuri 2007"]

Question: What inspired the voice of Optimus Prime?

Cullen: When I looked at the character drawings, which is what an actor gets presented to him when he's auditioning, [i]I couldn't figure out what a truck would sound like. *Truck Noise Impression* But then when you read the character breakdown, what the substance of what this person was, what he's supposed to be and the qualities that he had, I modeled the voice actor after in this particular case after my brother Larry who was a former Marine and a captain of the Marine Corp. When he came home and he changed quite a bit and he was quiet, he was calmer, he was in control and I was very impressed by that and when we were younger, we were only 13 months apart and he would say *Larry Impression* "Peter! Cut it out! Gee Whiz!" and when he came how it was *Larry/Optimus Prime Voice* "Peter, cut it out" OPTIMUS PRIME!.


Paraphrase: "Forget what a truck sounds like, it's Prime that matters. Why?

[quote "Gamespot TF game interview"]

GS: I'm wondering when you went in for that initial audition, how they described the character to you--as a giant robot who was also a Mack truck? And I'm wondering how you visualized that and what were your impressions of the character at first? Was it something that you could easily picture?

PC: No. To see the truck, a freightliner, a big old flat-nosed freightliner--I'd never done anything like that before. So I think basically I studied the character analyses, which gave me the only clue I had. Because normally when I look at a cartoon character I will look at its neck and body, chest cavity, and what kind of a sound would come from it, whether it would be a trumpet or a tuba or whatever. But there was none of that. It was really confusing, believe me. I had no idea of the concept of the show and of course years later we find out how just involved it was, and god, it's just incredible.

So the leadership qualities led me to Optimus Prime, and I just went from there and that's how that happened.


Aha! Say what?

[quote "Gamespot interviewer"]

GS: I'm wondering, how do you approach such different roles? Optimus is obviously this leader of men and robots, and Eeyore is this slinking, sunken-eyed donkey.


See, no matter how you look at it, and no matter how many random civilians you ask out there say it, but Prime isn't characterized as a truck. As you can see both Peter Cullen and the Gamespot interviewer practically said "It's not by how he looks, but what his characteristic quality is". So he sure as heck isn't characterized by a faceplate, but by what he is. By the majority or all of the Prime's ever concocted, he was/is a calm, leader type of....being. You know, he can have a Space Shuttle, or a Submarine, or a gosh darn Titanic mode, if he shares the leadership qualities that is Optimus Prime, then he is Optimus Prime, regardless of how un-G1'ish he looks. Another score for the power of knowledge. Knowledge, 1, G1 Purist hackjacks, 0.

Fire away your comments and see how stuck up you are (if you're a G1 Purist/fanatic/idiot.) But remember, you're not blasting at just me, you're blasting at all the other more knowledgable people that have more sense than you, the G1 stuck-up, who apparently has no brain.

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