Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm still alive!

Grr, it sucks to be sick right at the end of summer. I guess I know now when the cold rolls in. When I start coughing lol.

And, I just can't seem to hide from people. I can't believe how one of my old friends was even contemplating my form of demise. That's what happens when you know alot of people online and the rumours just pile up lol....But, I'm healthy and back in gear. What I have to do now is upload that darn overdue image I was photoshopping several months back. It's finished, but by Zeus's lightning bolt I just didn't get it out in the wild.

And, my anime/manga blog will get in gear once I have compacted this long queue of to-watch and to-read. Seems my manga queue got longer too. Yes, I'm talking to you [boogerboy].

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