Friday, June 22, 2007

Sad day, does it ever seem to get better?

Yesterday, one of my Uncle's rabbits died, the same rabbit I took extensive pictures about. Ah, I had good times with the rabbit. And it was easiest to hold than the other rabbit, and it was more civilized as well.

From my poor attempt at autopsy, it appears the rabbit died from lack of food. Apparently. Yeah, it makes sense when throughout it's life it's food was always eaten by the other rabbits. (It used to be housed with it's mother and brother/sister) At time of death it was roomates with it's brother/sister, and I'll say it's brother/sister was the type that would take the food from the other rabbit [that died]. Oh well, the last time I tried to feed it the [rabbit that is alive now] would eat the food too, to the point where both rabbits eat the same piece of grass.....lovey-dovey style lol. (ie each rabbit eating off the other end of the piece of grass) So, in order to make it fair I "dual wielded" two pieces of grass and fed both rabbits at the same time. but I knew something was wrong as the [rabbit that is currently alive] would finish it's [longer] piece of grass than the other [rabbit that died].

Those are memories, short yet fond ones as well. And in my current state of health I hope too that I won't die of starvation.

Image gallery of my time in Northern Germany

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