Friday, October 02, 2009

Water! Water everywhere! Who you gonna call?

Fire control?

Some of you may recall I'm in the Philippines right now. Tropical Storm Ketsana, Typhoon Ketsana, whatever the world wants to call it, I didn't like it. No, it wasn't the water, no it wasn't the ensuing widespread blackout for more than a day, no no no. It was the fact that I was even here to experience this nightmare, is what riles me.

Sure, I was born and raised in Germany, where the worst flooding I saw was one that engulfed my shoes. Shoes. Right now I'm looking out my window and I see beachfront property. Houses on water? How about houses in water, that's what it's like now. And it's The Sixth Day already. No, not something Arnold Governator is responsible for. In fact, when Grey Davis left house and the Governator came aboard, I never saw a power outage in the time I was in L.A. since then. So yeah, we could use a Governator in this country. In fact, get rid of this corrupt government including that not-so-bright 1-million-peso-dinners president. POOR HANDLING OF THIS FLOODING. Poor judgements made. Bad calls, missed calls, hell even iPhone style dropped calls all because of this government.

I don't like this country one bit. I never did. This government shot down any hopes of me changing my negative views on this country. I somehow feel that whenever the USA takes their military out of a country, the country changes for the worse. Maybe because with a USA Military presence, said country wouldn't want to screw themselves over in case of an international incident. Now, I can't include Germany in all this, even though I was there when the USA military had a strong presence (Frankfurt AM Main) till they are just down to two (well known) base locations. I've seen bases close down, and bring the jobs they brought to the local community down the drain. While I'd like to delve more into my life in Germany, right now I'm not home. Yes, right now I'm in an island, that is surrounded by water, and ironically it is also filled with water as well. Sure, some areas aren't flooded anymore, but why?

Why is it Day 6 and there's still water where I'm at? Thankfully, no water has entered the residence that I'm staying in, but seriously. How long will it take to have this water go away? I propose we MOAB bomb this water out. Oh, but then, they'd have to ask help from The Americans just to do that. If only this country wasn't so rotten...

/end rant.

So in the meantime, while I'm stationary in the upper floors, I fixed my DS PHat 3 speaker mod. I did that... by cutting a crucial wire. Wow.

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