Thursday, August 20, 2009

More added information regarding Ayano's past

This is to continue the previous posts about Ayano from Luminous Arc 2 from my posts at GameFaqs.

I know my previous posts were just snippets of that vast collection of notes I gathered in my research, but well, I opened a door, so might as well see what's inside.

It's odd that there's no mention of an elemental wizard. Take Pip for example, not really an element major. Added to the fact that there is also no mention of Crests for wizards as well, so this leads me to believe wizards are probably users of a wide range of magic, not entirely stuck to one element, as opposed to the witches, pretty much using only one kind of element. there has been no mention or portrayal that I can remember in the game of a witch using a second type of magic. But then this whole thing is centered around those who have an aptitude to using magic are witches(female) and wizards(male), and as they eventually perform well with one element, that will ultimately decide their aptitude to that element. But so far I've only seen elements tied to the witches... Remember that the Crests must choose their witch, which according to the game specifically mentions "Witch". There, again, no mention of a Crest for Wizards. In fact, I don't recall any mention of a Lapistier for Wizzy's either...

Now I'm well aware that there were some Navilian survivors, and I even contemplated that perhaps that Rune Knight may have lived for a bit more, but all this is confused by Beginning Day, which states it ended Navilian civilization 4000 years ago, around the time of Elicia's sealing. Mostly where my Phoenix Inferno theory comes from, but let's see why there may have been Navilian survivors:

-The demon blade was created after Elicia's sealing, as it has strong ties to the Masters. Possibly created by Ayano.
-Sophia is probably the only documented direct descendant of an Navilian. She wasn't just magically created...
-The Navilians of course were the ones who made Carnava Palace, as there were, apparently survivors of Beginning Day who founded the whole country.
-The seals were also created by them, which obviously happened after Elicia's sealing, as well as the Conclusion gate, which was eventually sunk into the sea.
-They also left behind those clues, legends, and what not, the ones which Bharva eventually pieced together.
-While I'm not sure if Ayano had the Mother Lapis made, the fact is it's tied to the Magic Association, which she has a hand in. On the other hand, the Nav's were the source behind the Queen's chair... >_>

Here's where the fun begins. Let's start with Beginning Day. It apparently ended Nav civilization, yet some survived. Now we know Carnava isn't the only place on the planet with life, there are obviously other countries as well (Moose), but then again these countries most likely popped up after Beg. Day. Now we know there's a planet, but no mention of whether or not the Nav's occupied the entire planet. We do know that the planet is pretty much mostly rich in magic, since the Granseal draws its power from it. And yet, what is this Beg. Day and why end all(some) Nav life as we know it?

Who remember's the Althea ending? Remember the words? If I remember correctly, it's something along the lines of "We are born of the flames, and to the flames we return." This is, in my belief, the Phoenix Theory, how life starts/ends. Obviously the Nav's got flamed up as a start, but why end them with the flames? That's where my Phoenix Inferno being cast 4000 years ago comes from, as it was stated that although Life magic was rumored to have ended them, I believe it was because of Elicia performing the Life Magic where the rumor comes from, but not exactly the cause of Nav demise.

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