Saturday, December 04, 2010

Press your clothes on the Irony Board

I had a pretty much nothing but laughs for the WikiLeaks fiasco going on now, considering I had just talked about operational security in my famous "Hermit Crab watches Hyakka Ryoran" post. The whole wikileaks thing started because an US Army Private decided to take some stuff. I can see why the US Army's Operation Security policy concerning the internet does hinge largely on a single soldier's common sense; put simply, don't do what you didn't need to. Every action humans take in this world will have a reaction, small or big.

But my past few weeks had nothing to do with the Wikileaks, I assure you. No, there are no documents or "cables" about me in there, and I am definitely am not the Private. No, this post mainly talks about just why do I have so many things to do these days. Of course, I'm not venting like my little moody post last week, no, this is about me wondering just how far can I keep multi-tasking.

My week started brighter than the last, me having decided I should do a little shopping, catch up on tv shows, etc. First we have me going through some emails, and my my how in the world do I end up with so much unread emails. More than 20,000 in my very first email ever (more than 10 years old I think), and then there's my current work email with more than 10,000 unreads. I'll say this, the only way I am ever going through my entire email inboxes is in a post-apocalyptic era where there's nothing else to do but... go through thousand of unread mail lol.

Show me another person in this world with this much unread mail on an email account they can still access 10 years later.

Shopping, of course, largely has to do with me finally deciding that I should fix my second Treo (the one without a keyboard, seen in the hilarious posts of my "Teruya Eiko love" and "Minna Dietlind Wilke love" posts over at my anime blog). Looking around finally yielded me a keyboard replacement, so hopefully I get that keyboard part soon (already shipped!). I did spend a lot of days of free time trying to fix the radio antenna of this phone, which was very much destroyed and rendered unusable, a glance anyways. To me, nothing is broken unless it's a flex cable (which I have had bad luck with so far), and fixing the radio, despite the plug not being there at all, was something well within my capabilities. Now, the phone is ready for calls and internet, and once the keyboard part arrives, I will now have... 2 working Treo's lol. You might be wondering how could I, with a Treo 750, iPhone 3G, and HTC HD2, end up with just 2 Treo's? Simply put, I needed pen input, for, you know, drawing. Which I haven't done in a very long time.

Round off the week with some very interesting anime, as well as the usual American TV shows I am following (no Hawaii 5-O this week?). Stargate Universe Season 2 episode 10 was in my honest opinion the best episode yet, with the story getting on some serious actiony track. Probably the best part of the week for me, besides anime and a repair job well done.

It is the Destiny's destiny to meet it's fateful fate this way.

So there's my week. Which I should probably do more of from now on, ranting on my blog isn't exactly a fun thing to do, and not really something I like doing anyways. I prefer these long posts that don't fit in Twitter lol (no I am not a member of Twitter and no I am not Ryan Seacrest) wait a minute, this was supposed to be a post about me multi-tasking myself to death...

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