Saturday, December 04, 2010

Meet Shadow the HermitHog

Look at that crab boogie!

Meet Shadow the Hedgehog, the name I gave a hermit crab which, although the pictures don't show it (due to a strange type of chameleon type shell), it has a primarily black spikey shell. That prompted me to name it Shadow, after the character in the Sonic Adventure 2 game and it's spinoffs thereafter.

This hermit crab was found in the amazing 20-crab roundup while vacationing at the beach. A funny event occurred afterwards when my oldest brother saw him for the first time: he called him Bowser, after the spikey turtle we all know and love. The name stuck for the rest of the way, but it will always be known as Shadow to me, which is the first thing I thought of when I found him.

And yes, I know. I censored my fingerprints. Start laughing.

Next crab, a molter! Oh me oh my...

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