Friday, August 14, 2009

Confirmation of my Ayano story FAQ at gamefaqs part2

This is to confirm my post at Gamefaqs Luminous Arc 2 board concerning Witch titles.

Fun facts: (a bit of theories, but they make sense if you add up all the horribly scattered pieces throughout the game)

-Did you figure it out yet? I'm not sure, but I believe Ayano was the one who cast the Phoenix Inferno that caused Beginning Day. It makes sense when she is the only survivor, and Rune Knight guy, most likely her lover, dies out early since he wasn't cursed by Elicia, and Ayano, later on, pretty much is sick of immortality, if I remember her words correctly she made note of how "she doesn't have any friends because they [would]/did die eventually, leaving her alone again". Would make sense that she doesn't want any more friends if her lover, Mr Rune Knight, died, breaking her heart.
-How did that guy die anyways? Well, Phoenix Inferno destroys all, ja? Remember how when Althea cast it, Roland pretty much had no way to survive, had it not been for Ayano's charm? Ayano most likely created the charm to avoid a repeat of her inability to protect her lover(she probably learned a thing or two from her own immortality curse). Anyways, how did that guy die? Well, say when Ayano cast Phoenix Inferno, she knew not even herself would survive, but when she cast it, Elicia in all her power cursed Ayano with longevity, which pretty much canceled out Phoenix Inferno, making her the sole survivor!
-But wait! Wasn't PI supposed to kill all? Well, not Elicia, remember she has 2 forms. Ayano most likely cast it on the humanized Elicia, pretty much weakening her, enabling Ayano to finally seal Ahrtania along with her. Remember how the game ends? Roland and co weaken the humanized Elicia, then kill off her Queen form with PI.
-Althea most likely knew this due to her being pretty much a duplicate of Elicia.
-Ayano probably had the Mother Lapis created with the heart and soul of her lover, Mr Rune Knight. Remember that the Master position was created with the intent of leading the magic association, and that Mother Lapis would choose said master wisely, one who fits the bill. But why even bother?
-"Nothing lasts forever." Words from Ayano's very own cute mouth. She most likely knew that the Great Seals weren't going to last forever, so she created the Master position so that said Master dude would eventually find his lover witch, make out with her, become one etc so that when Elicia woke up again, there would be a Phoenix Inferno waiting for her all over again. LOL!

I better stop lol. It's 4 AM and I can keep going on and on, except.... these were all taken from my unreleased guide, the absolute answer to all the unexplained story elements of Luminous Arc 2. From these posts, you can pretty much see that this game is probably a whole lot deeper than they meant to show. What, maybe not enough budget or not enough space, whatever the case I feel strongly about my above speculation, which, at this moment is not confirmed but gee whiz, you gotta admit. 230+ hours into this game, I spent a great deal of that ripping the story apart enough to conclude those above findings. time will tell if I'm correct or not...

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