Friday, August 14, 2009

Confirmation of my Ayano story FAQ at gamefaqs part1

This is to confirm my post at the Gamefaqs boards for Luminous Arc 2 concerning Witch titles, in case someone sees fit to rip me.

Hmm, it has been more than half a year since I wrote that brain fried post, so not even I remember where I pulled the Sadie reference from >__<;

I do suggest you read the following, it's excerpts from my undisclosed guide, which is a great read for LA2 players who were befuddled by the story (or lack of storytelling)

To address some of your questions/comments, Althea more so a witch than Ayano simply for the fact that in that modern world, there has to be 6 element witches, with that Fire spot quite vacant. Of course, after all those years there hasn't been a successor of the one that died 15 years ago, and you can bet when Althea unlocked her latent potential that the fire crest, at that moment being held by a girl most coldest in the world, scurried over to the nearest burning superior intellect nearby.

About Ayano, she is in fact a witch, just not in the class of human witches. The human witches are those born after the 4000 yr ago event, with the 6 elementals thing most likely created by Ayano to help police the world. Let's remember this through some in-game facts:

-Navilians have a high knowledge of magic, making them all pretty much magic users, because,
--Their language is great for spellcasting.
-But their language died out 4000 years ago when,
--The "Beginning Day" event happens. All life dies out when, guess what? I believe someone cast Phoenix Inferno!(or a navilian version of it) While it doesn't exactly say Phoenix Inferno(it's Phoenix Theory) is the cause, the facts are:
--Phoenix Inferno destroys all in it's wake (its a world destroyer class magic), probably thanks to a girl and her lover,
---The last Rune Knight, who was around over 4000 years ago! I kinda remember that the Phoenix Inferno can only be cast when the witch and her master are one and in tune, but wait! The title of Master only appeared after the Beginning Day event, so in that time it was most likely not a Master but rather the Rune Knight.
-With (most likely) Phoenix Inferno wiping out all the Navilians, Ayano makes it her mission that the language dies along with them, and to create a new order of magic users to ensure magic does not destroy again. The 6 elemental witches are titles second only to the Mage Queen, one element controlled by one person each, most likely again a method conceived by Ayano to ensure one witch does not control all elements.
-Don't forget, Ayano is the Director of the Magic Association.
-The Rev Magic Academy has been around for over 4000 years.
-Ayano owns the Rev academy because the building is hers (most likely all the other Magic Heritage sites as well).
--She owns those places since 1, she has a ton of money, and 2, being the last Navilian on the planet pretty much gave her everything lol...
-In short, Ayano is a witch, but that of before the Beginning Day event. In their time she is just a plain magic researcher who helped spearhead Elicia's work.

continue below decks.

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